Career & Scope of Social Psychology in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Salary, Guide

Career Counseling Tips on Scope of Social Psychology in Pakistan
Right in this blog post we will be having a complete discussion about the social psychology and its salary outlook in Pakistan. As we talk about the field of social psychology, it is all about studying the human environmental influences related to any individual’s behavior. They are normally studying about the social influence, about the social perception in terms of group behaviour or the institutions. They will be researching about social interactions, social behavior and different societal norms related with culture or community.


Career & Scope of Social Psychology in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Salary, Guide

Career & Scope of Social Psychology in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Salary, Guide


In addition they are also involved in examining the basic social tendencies which is related with community major health problems or the domestic issues which is affecting the group behavior. They do have a complete understanding about the conflict management as well as leadership due to which they are employed in different organizations.



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Government sector and private organizations hire social psychologists in healthcare department, social service department, social welfare organizations and HR department.



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Important Skills in the Social Psychology
All the graduates in the field of social psychology will be given complete learning about the life struggles and even assessing the basic needs. They are fully aware of the fact that how the problems will be identified. They even understand about the multi-cultural human relationships as well as cultural differences.



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Different Forms of Career Prospects in Social Psychology
Forensic Psychologists:
In this field an expert will be working for the law enforcement as well as police departments in order to comply with the criminal profiles on the psychological terms.


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Political Strategist:
They will be working in this field as the political consultant and as the campaign manager. They can work in the office centers or arrange the events in order to publicize the political candidates.



In this field they will be studying about social relationships along with the society norms and social interactions inside the human society. They will use their principles of network science, social psychology and neuroscience.



Career Counselors:
You may also become a professional career counselor, as a social psychologist can guide the students better about the best career options for them as per their aptitude and interest. For becoming a career counselor you will have to get complete information about scope of various degree programs available in Pakistan.



Rehabilitation Counselor:
They can even work as the professional case manager in the field of counseling in terms of struggling with the emotional, mental and developmental disabilities. They will be providing guidance related to social issues.



What are Common Interests of Social Psychologist Expert?
Helping Humanity
Research Work
Social Change
Social work
Data Analysis
Human Psychology
Management Techniques
Study of human behavior in different situations
Social Sciences
Self Help
Mind Sciences



Eligibility Criteria for Becoming Social Psychologist
To be the part of this profession, it is important for you to acquire the bachelor degree in the category of Psychology. You can also apply if you are having masters degree in the social psychology fields in the specialization category of Personality Psychology, as well as Organizational Psychology plus Forensic Psychology.



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What is The Salary of Social Psychologist Inside Pakistan? Job Areas
As we talk about the salary outlook, then in Pakistan at an average level they are offered with the salary of around Rs. 360000/- as on the basis of per year or the salary of 30000 rupees as per month. Social psychologists can find jobs in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, mental hospitals, public service commission, HR department, army, PAF, Navy, NGO, recruitment agencies, newspapers, magazines, electronic media and academia.



Tips For Social Psychologists

You must keep on studying the latest research in the field of Psychology. If you are interested in clinical psychology then go for DHMS diploma program too as homeopathic medicines are very effective in the treatment of various mental diseases. After becoming a homeo doctor you will be able to start your own clinic. This diploma program is very easy and medium of instruction is also Urdu. Fee is also very nominal. If you want to excel in this field then write articles in newspapers and magazines. Launch a self help blog and even write book on mind science. Do read latest research books on mind science. Qamar Iqbal Sufi has written some excellent books on this topic. Just research and intensive reading can make you a successful psychologist. Last but not least its an ideal profession for females as a psychologist should have a kind heart and caring attitude.


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