Qammar Iqal Sufi-Number 1 Spiritual Muslim Scholar of the World, Books, Videos

All About Sufi Qamar Iqal (From Holland)-Number One Spiritual Muslim Leader of the World, Books & Video Lectures
Mr Qamar Iqbal Sufi is a revolutionary Muslim spiritual leader of the world. He has written many books on spiritualism to guide the masses about the real picture of Islamic spiritualism. He wrote is first book Ruhaniat, Danish oar Haqiqatain in 2002. This book is best seller in the market. After that he wrote many other books and booklets on different aspects of Islamic spiritualism. Here is the list of his most popular books;

Asrar e palmistry,

Ruhaniyat oar Shaur e Zindagi,

Ruhani Quwat oar Danish e Insani,

Israr e Ruhaniyat Oar Kamyab Zindagi

Qammar Iqal Sufi-Number 1 Spiritual Muslim Scholar of The World, Books, Videos

Qammar Iqal Sufi-Number 1 Spiritual Muslim Scholar of The World, Books, Videos

He was residing in Netherlands, but now he has come back to Pakistan. At present he is residing at Chakwal city. A central place for meeting the general public is being constructed in Chakwal. He is also an expert of Islamic spiritual healing. Many people have learnt this unique art from him including myself. He trains the people without taking any fee. Patients from all over the Pakistan contact him for treatment of their incurable diseases. You may watch his interviews on, which he gave to Western and local Tv channels on realities and secrets of Islamic spiritualism. Everyone can contact him on his cell number 03085751575. Many top websites of world have also written articles on his great powers. You may find these articles just by typing his name in Google search.

I am too his pupil and have learnt lot of unique things from him about Islamic spiritualism. Although he has set business in Holland, but now he has decided to lead his future life to guide the people about the secrets of Islamic spiritualism in Pakistan. English edition of his books will be published in future, his followers are working on this project. Those who want to meet him personally should get appointment through the phone number given above.

You may also seek guidance and solutions of your all problems on phone too. SMS is best way to contact him as due to tight schedule of lectures and scheduled meetings, sometimes he cannot attend the calls. Qammer Iqbal Sufi Sb belongs to a well-known family of Pakistan, his real sister is member of current national assembly (MNA) of Pakistan and his brother in law is a member of provincial assembly of Punjab (MPA), his father, brothers and many other relatives are higher offices in Pakistan army, but he meets with everyone with a beautiful smile on his face.

His ultimate aim of life is to save us from the fake spiritual people. His books have sufficient material and solutions of all our everyday problems. He gives a road map to the lovers of spiritualism in his books, which may lead you to the road of success both in this world and hereafter without becoming pupil (murid) of any so-called spiritual teacher (Peer Sb). If you want to learn the Islamic spiritualism than read his books in detail. Being his follower I am writing this article to pay my tribute to greatest alive spiritual leader of the world. Thanks a lot sir for bringing so much beautiful changes in my life and way of thinking. You really have a mastermind.

Qammar Iqal Sufi-Number 1 Spiritual Muslim Scholar of The World, Books, Videos



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