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Career in The Field of School Psychology & Educational Psychology in Pakistan, Scope, Job Prospects, Pay & Career Counseling
With the passage of time the demand and need of being into the profession of educational psychologist hence is getting quite common! But before you make your mind to get into this career and make some future, it is a lot important to get an idea about what career you can conduct in this profession and what sort of salary outlook will be part of it. Here we have some brief discussion about it to get an idea out for yourself about School Education!


About School Psychologists
Mentioning about this profession of being the educational psychologist, we would say that this profession has been about the process where you will be involved as in treating different age groups of adults who fall in the limit of 25-30 years old. Hence the expert will be putting an entire investigation over the whole concept of learning about disabilities and all the basic solutions concerned with the instructional techniques plus the learning processes. They should have a complete know-how and knowledge related with the developmental along with the behavior psychology.




Important Skills in Field of the School Psychology
There are quite a few important skills which you need to have as you wanted to the part of this profession of hence being the educational psychologist. You should be having some great skills of basic communication and yet being into the scenario of social perceptiveness. It is a lot important to have the skills in which as you need to be conscious about dealing with some clients of different backgrounds. Skills of tolerance and comprehension are a lot important to take into account.


School Psychology

Scope of School Psychology, Career, Salary, Tips, Programs, Jobs

Different Career Options In School Psychology Field
You can step into the career of being the educational researcher. But for being an educational researcher you should be quick enough in analyzing and researching about different teaching techniques. You can even make your future brighter in the profession of the Educational Expert job Counselor! With this job profession you will be employed in the sectors of secondary school or the elementary higher system. Working as a distance learning expert can even work in your favor to move into this field. You need to have enough knowledge about the major online educational systems which are involving some instructional strategies as well as reporting. Remember that psychology of special children differs a lot with normal students. If you are interesting in this field then you will have to get B.Ed and M.Ed degrees in special education.


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Academic Qualifications for Becoming Educational Psychologist
Such psychologist needs to acquire the degree of bachelor in the respective courses of Psychology or in the field of Education
Hence they can also be the part of this profession is they have acquired the masters degree in the field of Educational Psychology.
MBBS, BHMS and BEMS doctors may also enter in this field of School Psychology.



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Salary Outlook of the School Psychology Experts inside Pakistan
Remember that in our country only high standard schools hire the services of school psychologists, so you may get handsome salary. For this field at the average level, you can expect to earn the overall salary of maximum 120000 on the basis of per year. Well on per month criteria the maximum salary can be PKR 1000000. For the newly beginners, the level of earning can be almost PKR 25,000 whereas the experienced professional experts can earn much more.



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Programs, Institutes & Tips
In Pakistan Institute of Health & Management Sciences Islamabad is offering PGD program of one year duration on School Psychology. You may also become a school psychologist through the route of BS educational psychology or MA in educational psychology. We recommend you to get Montessori teacher training too. Punjab University Lahore and Bahria University Karachi are offering one year diploma program in Montessori teacher training. There is a great demand of educational counselors for schools all over the world. You may get job in reputed local schools and in lot of international schools of Middle East and Europe. If you want to open a private school then you should get degree in school education. Females should preferably enter in this field. Other than school psychology you should also read our post on Scope of Educational Leadership and Management degrees in Pakistan.