Scope Of Clinical Psychology In Pakistan

If we do mention about some of the important and main branches of the psychology then we would always be mentioning with the name of Clinical psychology. It is coming out to be one of the most important branches of the psychology that is related with the applied aspects of the field. If we do define this field then it is basically defined as the method in which you do try to assess and even treat up with the mental disorders and behavioral disorder of the person. Clinical Psychologists are also known by the name of psychiatrists or psychological doctors.

Scope Of Clinical Psychology In Pakistan

Scope Of Clinical Psychology In Pakistan

Importance of Scope of Clinical Psychology in Pakistan:

There is a huge scope among the students that is being capture out in the field of the Clinical psychology. If you are not able to successfully pass the MCAT test and has a desire to call yourself as the doctor then still you are left with the alternative to be the part of the clinical psychology field work. There are so many educational institutions who are engaged in making you offer with the Clinical psychology studies at the best level.

List of Main Core Subjects In Clinical Psychology in Pakistan:

Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Adulthood Psychopathology
NLP in Psychotherapy
Therapeutic Approaches with Children
Data Collection Methods
Child Psychodiagnostics Assessment
Research Designs and Related Statistical Analysis
Clinical Case Reports
School Psychology
Health Psychology
Therapeutic Techniques in NLP and Hypnosis
Adult Psychodiagnostic Assessment

List of Important Programs/Courses In Clinical Psychology in Pakistan:

MS/MPHIL in Clinical Psychology
MS/MPHIL in Child Guidance and Educational Counseling
PGD in Child and Adult Psychotherapy
Certificate an Diploma Courses for Doctors on NLP and Hypnosis in Psychotherapy

Best and Important Employment Career Options in Clinical Psychology in Pakistan:

Public Hospitals
Private Hospitals and clinics
Mental Hospitals
Career Counseling Firms
University Centers
Newspapers and Magazines
Electronic Media
Armed Forces
Research Centers
Civil Services Training Centers
Local and International Teams centers
Investigation Department of Police and Other Law Enforcement Agencies

List of Job Types In Clinical Psychology in Pakistan:

Criminal Psychologist
Career Advisors
Member of Recruitment Teams
Subject Specialists
Sports Psychologists
Subject Specialists
Private Practitioners

Is Their Any Scope of Clinical Psychology in Abroad Countries?

If you are planning to move abroad, then being the clinical psychologist you would be left with so many employment alternatives for yourself. Being highly competitive in your skills and advanced with the abilities you can set up with your own private clinic that would make you offer the opportunity to earn handsome amount of income too.


Each single educational university has its own admission criteria for enrolling the students for the clinical psychology studies. But still it is important that you should have the medical background as biology in matriculation and FSC in the intermediate level. Further, the students who have studied the subject of psychology in the intermediate can also apply to be the part of clinical psychology field.

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