Career Counseling-Courses After Inter Math & FSc Pre Engineering

Career Counseling After Intermediate With Math, A-Level & F.Sc Pre-Engineering
One of the basic subjects you learn from the first day of your life at school is mathematics. It starts with digits, numbers, and simple operations and leads up the most complicated ones. Many students are often scared of learning and working with the mathematical operations, but it is a great subject to learn. Mathematics is not just limited to academics; our daily chores including domestic calculations make it essential for everyone to learn about mathematics.

How to Choose the Best Career after Matric & O-Level in Pakistan?


Career Counseling-Courses After Inter Math &  FSc Pre Engineering

At the academic level it is studied as an individual subject and also in combination with many other subjects. It makes a great combination with physics, statistics, computers, economics etc. till the matriculation level the study of mathematics is compulsory but as you join the intermediate the choice of studying mathematics becomes subject to the choice of the groups: the medical and the non medical groups. The latter includes pre-engineering, ICS, I.Com and many combinations of humanities. Mathematics is part of many of these, being a must in pre-engineering, ICS and I.Com.

Why Study Mathematics in Inter?
Studying mathematics is a tricky thing. It requires a great deal of creativity, thinking and logic. Even for the basic operations a great deal of technical efficiency is required. Once the student starts learning the mathematics by the time he reaches matriculation he is quite good at dealing with algebra, geometry, trigonometry and arithmetic. Mathematics also helps him in solving the numerical problems of physics and chemistry. The basic operations are applicable in statistics, accounting and economics too. Thus, if a student learns the subjects many courses are open for him after the intermediate level.

There are numerous manifestations of mathematics too. It is not something which has to be learnt by heart. It comes with practice and revision. Once done with the concepts it is very important to learn revise them again and again. The students who study mathematics as a subject in pre-engineering can have so many options in the field of engineering too after completing intermediate. The skill based works taught at the polytechnic and vocational colleges also require mathematics.

Further Study Options or Career After FSc Pre Engineering & A-Level
If you are about to complete your intermediate with mathematics or you have studied pre-engineering then the following courses are for you.
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Aeronautical Engg
Industrial Engg
Manufacturing Engineering
Aerospace Engg
Civil Engineering
Agricultural Engg
Chemical Engineering
Marine Engg
Metallurgical Engineering
Nuclear Engg
Petroleum & Gas Engineering
Automotive Engg
Mining Engineering
Computer System Engg
City & Regional Planning
Nano Science
Computer Science
Material Engg
Computer Engineering
Mechatronics and Control Engineering
Building & Architectural Engineering
Industrial Engg
Environmental Engineering
Biomedical Engg
Transportation Engineering
Artificial Engg
Geological Engineering
Textile Engg
Polymer Engineering
Product & Industrial Design
Nuclear Engg
Telecommunication Engg•
B.Com IT
We are going to write detailed career counseling articles on all these degrees in near future to guide the students of FSc Pre Engineering. Students who have interest in computer science and IT can earn handsome money even by learning web development. In this article we are just discussing the engineering related options after FSc Pre Engineering & A-Level. Soon we shall guide you about alternative of BE or BSc Engineering. So stay connected with and its facebook page. Read our following articles for further guidance about career counseling of students.

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