Top Ten ECAT & MDCAT Entry Test Preparation Tips 2024

Top Ten Entry Test Preparation Tips For Getting Admission in Medical Colleges & Engineering Universities

The examination season is gone. Soon after the HSSC examination are over, the students start looking forward to the MDCAT or ECAT entry test. It is a special time that determines the future of the students. No matter how hard you studied during your academic years, unless you become successful in your entry test you cannot move ahead. The admissions in all public sector professional colleges and in some private institutions too, it is very important to appear for the entry test.


Top Ten ECAT & MDCAT Entry Test Preparation Tips 2018

Top Ten ECAT & MDCAT Entry Test Preparation Tips 2024


Entry test preparation is not something horrible. It is leading you to a goal. With little effort and concentration you can get through with flying colors. The important points to take into consideration are as follows:



Top 10 Entry Test Preparation Tips


1-The foremost thing is to understand the format of the test. It is pivotal to understand the nature of the exam. Knowing your exam format means facilitating yourself with the chance of scoring well.


2-There are number of guide books available in the market. These guide books give a substantial collection of MCQs and other resources required. Check some options and then find the best option among the available guides.


3-Go through the guide books once thoroughly and then revise the content at least twice.


4-Don’t just resort to the helping aids. Read the text book carefully. Go through the exercises with every lesson. As you have already studied the syllabus book, so it would not be very time consuming. It would be considered as a revision.


5-Go through the practicals too. They are essential to check your concepts. They refer to the applicability of the knowledge and this part can be covered in MCQs of the exam.


6-Going through sample and past papers is excellent drill. Once done with rest of the things, use the past papers to check your proficiency.

7-Improve your language skills especially those related to vocabulary by learning a handsome number of words on daily basis.


8-There are number of academies running in almost every town, but not all of them are giving satisfactory results. Some academies are just en-cashing your needs. They take more than what they give. It is not necessary that all of them would help you improve your performance.


9-After the announcement of UHS Lahore MCAT entry test syllabus for 2024, prepare it first and revise at least once. Till then you may consult last year’s UHS MCAT entry test syllabus.


10-We suggest you to utilize the free resources on Internet or join the test session. Last but least appear in the entry test with full confidence and winning state of mind.



Final Words

Dear students nothing is impossible. Accomplishment is easy only when you are committed. Nothing is away from your reach. Don’t consider the entry test as something impossible. It is very much possible. Many students have already joined the medical and engineering colleges. If you know someone around you don’t be shy in consulting them. But above all rely on yourself. Be your assessor and you will get what you want.


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