What Arqum House 3 in 1 Earn Money Training Course Include?

What Arqum House Three in One Make Money Online Training Course Include?

We are receiving many queries about content of 3 in 1 course of Arqum House. On this page you can view all the details about content of Arqum House’ s 3 in 1 earn money online course in Lahore. If you are interested in our 3 in one offer then get yourself register right now for next month. Remember that we do not grant admission more 10 10 students in a session as this course requires individual attention and guidance, so reserve your seat today.Seats will be reserved on first come first serve basis.

Kindly do not take our 3 in 1 earn money online course as an normal IT or computer course as its a 100% professional, skill oriented and project based course. All regular and serious students will be able to work on many online platforms for making money online after the completion of the course. You will be able to get a job or start your online business after attending our course in various areas. We are sure that joining the Arqum house’s 3 in 1 course will be best right decision of your life.

We shall teach you about web development through wordpress in the first phase of the course. In the second phase you will be taught on page and off page SEO.In the last phase you will be introduced with more than 20 different methods of making money online. Duration of first phase will be 2 weeks and duration of 2nd and 3rd phase will be one week each.
What You Will learn in this training ?

Arqum House 3 in 1 Earn Money Training Course

What Arqum House 3 in 1 Earn Money Training Course Include?

Web Development
Web Development Through WordPress
Introduction of Blogger
Introduction of Website and blogs
Use of Google Adwards Keyword Planner
All About Hosting and Domains Setup
Basic HTML
Installation of WordPress
Wordpress Trouble Shooting
How To Install WordPress Themes & Plugins
How To Customize WordPress
Online Chat Integration
Scrolling News
Use of Videos on WP Site
Google XML Site Map Generation

2-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Importance & Types of SEO
Complete Job Oriented SEO Training
Best Practices For On-page Optimization
Best Practices For Off-page Optimization
Lot of free stuff likes videos and ebooks related to WordPress, web development & different methods of making money
Google Web Master Tool
Google Analytics
Different Free Services of Google
Competitors Analysis
HTML Tags Used in SEO
Site Map Generation
Forum Posting, Social Bookmarking, Blog Commenting, Link Exchange, Directory Submission,
Do’s & Don’ts of SEO
Article Editing
Use of SEO Tools

3-Different Methods of Making Money Online
100% Genuine Google Adsense training with tips & tricks
Ad fly
Amazon Affiliate Program
Click Bank
Fiverr Training
Introduction of Forex Trading
Earn Money with Youtube & Other Video Sharing Websites (Video Marketing)
How to Become a freelancer
Affiliate Marketing
Selling Services Online
PTC Sites
PPC Sites
Stock Trading
Product Launching
Alternatives of Adesne
Facebook Earning

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