How To Find The Job Your Choice? Super Tips

Career Counseling – How To Get The Job You Really Want? Super Tips

Today we shall discuss a very demanding topic in detail that “How to get the job of your choice”. The global economy is on a roller coaster. There is uncertainty in job market of our country too due to global economic recession and our wrong economic policies. NO industry or service sector is secure and no job is permanent. Due to competition and economic crisis job seekers need guidance to secure their future. They need to learn sophisticated career game plans.

How To Find The Job Your Choice? Super Tips

How To Find The Job Your Choice? Super Tips

The job hunter must take more control of his career and become less dependent on the employer for his future success. To make most of this approach, the job seeker need to take more initiative, be more willing to accept risks associated with opportunities, and employ new tactics for targeting and selling one’s self into particular appointments
Try to make yourself as a value added “product”. First step in this direction is different resume approach. A resume is the perfect CV. It is a shortened, focused CV designed to highlight those aspects of your experience and education most supportive of the career direction you seek. Prepare a living CV. A living or perfect CV is one that opens the right doors for interviews or appointments in career fields that represent your personal objectives and your capabilities. You can prepare more than one CV’s for different kinds of jobs. A job winning CV differs from traditional CV in that it condenses information and eliminates much historical backup and detail. Basic purpose of a CV is to attract an employer’s attention and to create a desire in the employer to learn more about you. For guidance in this regard you can study our article “How to write an impressive CV”. You can also use special CV writing software for this purpose. Then write an effective and targeted covering letter

After that discover and define your career goals and try to clarify your interests and abilities. Then analyze the job market critically and point out the jobs that are right for you. Do not miss any opportunity. Always remember that hard work pays in the long run. Apply for every job which you think is right for you. Leave your resume on all jobs searching websites. Read news papers daily. If you get a call letter for interview or written test it means that half the distance you have covered. For a job winning interview you can read our article “How to succeed in interviews”.

For success in written test you need to improve your general knowledge. For this purpose read news papers daily. Become member of libraries and read informative books regularly. Watch news and current affair programs on television as many questions in written tests are about current affairs. Other than current affairs you need to improve you general knowledge about every day science, basic Mathematics, Urdu literature, Pakistan study, history, English language and literature and Islam. Our website has special section which will help you to increase your general knowledge rapidly. Last but not least never loose hope because as a Muslim we have firm believe that God help those who help themselves. We have decided to write detailed guiding articles on all types of jobs available in public and private sector to guide the job seekers in their job hunting campaign, so stay connected with us and our facebook page for guidance about different kinds of quality jobs. You may also contact our swift and professional career counseling team for individual guidance.

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