How to Get a Scholarship? Scholarships Tips in Urdu & English

How to get a Scholarship? Scholarships Guide in English & Urdu Languages
If any student asks that who gets the scholarship? So the answer will be finder. The person who is looking for better education and research is always successful. Education is prospering in Pakistan. The scholarship culture is increasing in Pakistan. Two things are important for getting a scholarship, concentration and effort. Concentration is important, because whenever he starts searching on internet/computer several advertising agencies jump in to distract him. They appear in your browser everywhere. They are in form of pictures and announcements. You need to click them once and then we are attracted to the amazing presentations and look of the sites. These websites force us to forget our real goal or we start looking for various online degrees mentioned on the website. There are many foreign universities mentioned on the website. Once you visit them in person you will find that they are just opened in a small room, which no longer exists. In order to avoid moving away from your motive, don’t click on them.

If you start looking for a scholarship, don’t type in Google search, as it will open up many distractive websites. Instead of doing like this it is better to filter your search by adding the level, subject and country of choice. This will provide you with the most authentic results. If you are not satisfied you can continue with research by changing the order of the words. In many countries you have to learn their native language before you start improving your qualification.

Higher education commission is a vital source of information regarding scholarships. If you keep visiting this site you will stay updated about various scholarships being offered. HEC offers three types of scholarships, namely foreign scholarships, indigenous local scholarships and need based scholarships. The scholarships like foreign fund scholarship, common wealth scholarship, University of Cambridge scholarships etc.

If you want to get a scholarship abroad, look for the possible options in one particular country. Prepare a letter in English clearly stating why you are looking for the scholarship. Once you enter the site of a university, you will be asked to register yourself. At this stage you have to mention all the information that is required by the institution. In some cases they look for the information related to your spouse also. Be truthful and express everything in a clear tone. Some universities ask for the complete financial statements including those mentioning about the sources of income of spouse, parents etc. In some cases students with sports background are encouraged to apply for a scholarship. They are offered the Athletics scholarships.

Before applying for the scholarship start the preparations a year before you actually apply for it. Improve your language skills. Appear for GRE, TOEFI or IELTS as they are the essential requirement for the scholarships in the United States and United Kingdom. You my read details about “How to Get a Scholarship?” in Urdu below this page.

How to Get a Scholarship? Scholarships Tips in Urdu & English

How to Get a Scholarship? Scholarships Tips in Urdu & English


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