Study Abroad Tips 2024 For USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand Study Visa

How To Get Student Visa of USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand- Study Abroad Tips in Urdu & English  
It is a dream of every student to pursue his higher education abroad. It is assumed that this can open a new direction for a better life. The students strive hard to reach their destination. The financial constraints which were once assumed as the greatest barrier in achieving the educational goals are now not that serious issue. The students can look forward to the scholarships, bank loans and better salaries of their parents to earn their degrees from abroad. Despite all the ease and comfort, it is not necessary that every desiring student will get the study abroad visa easily. It happens very often that the students get everything done, but the visa is declined at the end. In order to avoid any such problem, it is inevitable to complete the paper work and try to make it error less.


Many agents cause problems for the students by depriving them of the correct information. In order to help the desiring students, there are some essential country wise requirements to apply for the student visa.



Study Visa of USA 
United States of America (USA) is the top priority of all education seekers. The final visa is provided after the candidate appears for the interview in the embassy. The candidate is issued a date by the embassy for the interview, after submitting the required fee in the affiliated bank. The candidate is required to bring the following documents when he appears for the interview:

• Passport
• Receipt of visa fee
• Interview call letter
• University admission letter
• Scholarship details if availing
• Sponsorship details
• Academic credentials
• Score report of GAT/GRE/IELTS
• Bank statement
• Income certificate

The interview is not very complicated. It needs you to be clear while answering any question. The most expected questions include personal information, reason behind joining the stated university, reason for not seeking education in native country and above all if any relative lives in the US.



Student Visa of UK
United Kingdom (UK) is second most demanded country. In order to qualify for the visa the student has to provide all essential details. There are 30 marks for the college/university form and 10 for the financial details. The important documents include the personal details of the candidate including his passport, academic credentials, offer letter, admission letter and then the financial documents mentioning the bank details of the student and the sponsors both. Once all documents are provided and you perform well in the interview the visa is issued.


Study Visa of Australia
AUSTRALIA: If the student is applying for studies in Australia, the most important aspect is the finances. The embassy seeks sufficient details about the bank details of both the student and the sponsor. It is important for the student to show that the sponsor has enough in his bank account to support him a long as he is in Australia for his studies. Australian visa process is extensive as compared to the other countries; therefore, it is important to provide all required information timely. You will be required to provide with all personal information including your photographs, academic details, admission letter, bank details etc. along with those of the sponsor.



Student Visa of New Zealand
NEW ZEALAND is also becoming an attraction for the students. Apart from the essential documents similar to those required by other countries the New Zealand immigration requires medical certificate. The complete requirements are then sent to the New Zealand Immigration in Islamabad, which issues the visa if all documents are complete.



Study Abroad Tips 
It is important to take care of following elements while applying abroad:
• Don’t handover your passport to anyone.
• Don’t make any alteration in your passport yourself.
• Don’t take the responsibility of anyone’s luggage, even for few hours.
• Keep your ticket, passport with you so that they can be provided when asked for.
• Keep traveler’s checks instead of cash.
• Inform the tourist police if you lose anything.
• You can extend the duration of your air ticket from the airline office, after it expires after 120 days.


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Study Abroad Tips 2024 For USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand Study Visa

Study Abroad Tips For USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand Study Visa

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