How To Reply Visa Interview Questions? Tips For All Kinds of Visas

How To Manage Visa Interview Questions? Super Tips For Pakistani People
Today we shall guide you about how to answer the visa interview questions for different kinds of visas. Most important stage after submitting visa application is appearing in visa interview. Remember that majority of visa officers don’t have positive opinion about Pakistani visa seekers. They think that most of the visa applications from Pakistan don’t reflect their real purpose. According to them, we Pakistani show fake documents and don’t express our real purpose of getting visa.

Unfortunately many Pakistani don’t come back to their homeland after the expiry of their visa and stay abroad illegally. Some of them use different tactics to extend their visa and stay for example paper marriage, political asylum, and admission in fake colleges. Lot of student get visa for higher studies but instead of studying they begin to work illegally. So now visa officers analyze the visa applications very deeply and in case of any doubt about the intentions of visa seekers reject the visa application.

How To Reply Visa Interview Questions? Tips For All Kinds of Visas

How To Reply Visa Interview Questions? Tips For All Kinds of Visas

So it is necessary for visa seeker of every category to satisfy the visa officer about his genuineness. Visa officers have discretionary power of rejecting any visa application, so visa seeker should prove his eligibility.
If you a tourist, you must know about the places, you want to visit. If some one want to visit any country for business purpose, he must have sufficient knowledge about his business and documents relating to his business for example tax returns, NTN number, correspondence with any foreign firm or company, chamber of commerce, stock exchange etc. A student should have good score in IELTS, TOEFL or any other required test. There should be no gap in his studies and be supposed to have convincing answers of these visa interview questions

1-What is the relation between your course of study and your past subjects?

2-Why you want to get your desired degree and what is its scope in future?

3-What is your reason for selecting our country for your preferred degree instead of Pakistan?

A Student, tourist or business man must show a strong bank statement. A visa seeker must prove verbally and with documents that he has strong roots in his country. For this purpose he can show his marriage certificate and property documents. Embassy officer critically analyzes every aspect of visa application. If you convince him that you are bona fide candidate and you will not stay in his country after expiry of your visa, he will definitely stamp your passport.

Interviewer may ask youvis questions like; if a beautiful girl purposes you what will be your reaction? If you are offered a job with handsome salary how would you respond this offer? The purpose of such questions is to make guess about your hidden intentions. If you reply shows that you will accept such offer it means that you want to stay their permanently. In this case your visa application will be rejected. Hence it is necessary to make good preparation for visa interview questions.

Some people complain that embassy had rejected their application without asking them a single question or even without examining a single document. It’s a misconception visa officers are very professional people and fully trained for their job. Due to their vast experience they can judge every candidate in no time. They can also guess that information shown in documents is true or false. Even in some matters they have more and accurate knowledge than native people. We shall also guide you about about step by procedure of different kinds of visas of different countries of the world, so stay in touch with us and our facebook page. We shall also try to publish a quiz on visa interview questions on our website.


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