How To Get UK Student Visa? Complete Step By Step Guidance

How To Get The Student Visa Of United Kingdom?
You can read all the details about UK student visa n this page. United Kingdom is the most popular destination for international students. Thousands of Pakistani students arrive every year for higher studies in UK. In this article we will discuss the procedure, by which you can get the study visa of UK without the help of consultants.

Student Visitor Visa
This category was introduced for the students who want to get admission in short courses of maximum six month length. For example, short term English language courses.

How To Get UK Student Visa? Complete Step By Step Guidance

How To Get UK Student Visa? Complete Step By Step Guidance

Required Standard For UK Student Visa From Pakistan 
1-For students who want to get admission in six month short courses [non-extend-able]
2- Institute should be registered with UK education and training providers.
3-Students will have to leave UK immediately after completion of course.
4-Student shall not try to for any job or business during his stay.
5-Student will not try to get admission in any regular college/university.
6-Student will be able to bear the expenditure of his studies and stay in United Kingdom.
7-Minimum age limit is 18.

How To Apply For UK Study Visa?
United Kingdom has divided the students for study visa (more than for six months) into two basic categories. Child student visa is issued to the students four to seventeen years old. Adult student visa is issued to the students above than 17 years old for higher education.
UK government has introduced point based system for study visas which is known as Tier2General. A student must have 40 points for applying under this system, but still in Pakistan this system has not been introduced. Till know students will apply for study visa under manual system.

Step By Step Procedure For UK Student Visa
1-First step is to select your desired course according to your choice and qualification.
2- Second step is search of institution which offers your desired course in reasonable fee.
3-After selecting the institutions you will contact it by email and asked about their requirements for admission in tour desired course of study.
4-Than you will send your documents to them and fulfill the all conditions for getting admission.
5- On paying registration fee and other dues the university/college will issue you the visa letter.(visa letter issuing institution is also called sponsor)
6- Than you will apply for study visa in UK visa application centre with visa letter after getting appointment.
Which Documents Are Necessary For Visa Interview Of UK
1-Original educational certificates and degrees with a set of photocopies
2-Original visa letter
3- Bank statement showing reasonable amount of money for the your one year expenditures of studies and stay in UK. This amount must be deposited in your account at least 28 days before.
4-If you are presenting the statement of your father or any other relative than attach a sponsorship letter with statement that may reflect that he takes your responsibility, Also attach proof of your relation with the sponsor.
5-If you are married than computerized marriage certificate and pictures.
6-If you have any property than title papers of property
7- Result card of IELTS (although it is not the demand of embassy but it leaves good impression on visa officer)

Course To Prepare For Study
This is a short term course which is taught before your regular course of studies. Its objectives are to make you familiar with British environment and to increase your proficiency in English language. You may complete it before or with your regular course of studies.

Some Notable Points About UK Student Visa 
1-You can stay in UK for four months after completing a course of one year or more. If your course duration is less than one year in this case you can stay only two months after the completion of your course.
2-The average annual expenditures of a international student studying in London are 10000 Pounds including tuition fee, hostel fee, books and personal expenditures. But this range varies from 6000 pounds to 20000 pounds
3-At present student visa fee from Pakistan is 145 pounds.
4- A student can work 20 hours in a week. But in vacations full time work is allowed.
5-If you are reused for British study visa and you think that your case was strong and decision was not fair, you can file an appeal against the decision of visa officer. You can get advice from a volunteer organization “immigration advisory service”. This organization can file also file case on your behalf. Note the address of IAS
Immigration advisory service 3rd floor, country house, 190 great Dover street, London (SE1 4YB) Ph 004402088141559 WEB
You can submit appeal on the following address
UK Border Agency Visa Application Center British High Commission, Diplomate Enclave Ramna-5 P.O Box 1122 Islamabad

Visit and its facebook page for guidance about UK student visa for Pakistani students. Our best wishes are with you for your attempt for UK student visa, but please return to your homeland after getting degree.

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