Scope of Medical Laboratory Technology in Pakistan, Career, Jobs & Subjects

Career & Scope of studying Medical Laboratory Technology in Pakistan

What is meant by the Medical Laboratory Technology?

There is not a single profession that can run solely on one person. For the success every member in a profession is dependent on someone else. The same is with the field of medicine. The doctors need the help of several assistants to carry out the process smoothly. The doctors cannot give all the diagnosis himself until he gets the assistance of the pathology laboratories, radiology department, nurses, etc. The total sum of the assistance comes in the shape of medical success. Even in the surgery hours the process cannot be run smoothly if the entire equipment is not managed properly. Thus, it becomes important for the assisting members too to learn and explore the professional skills concerned with them.


Scope of Medical Laboratory Technology in Pakistan, Career, Jobs & Subjects


Scope of Medical Laboratory Technology in Pakistan, Career, Jobs & Subjects

A technician of medical laboratory technology or DMLS doctor is someone who helps the physicians, surgeons, doctors etc. They help in assisting by inspecting the pathological samples, by taking the radiological imaging. Thus, he is defined as an expert dealing with the chemical, hematological, immunologic, microscopic, and bacteriological diagnostic analyses. It studies the impact of harmful factors on the metabolism and the system components like blood, urine, sputum, stool, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), peritoneal fluid, pericardial fluid, and synovial fluid, and other similar organ systems of the body. They can be a great helping hand in hospitals, doctor’s offices, reference labs, and biotechnology labs.


Dominant Pre-Requisites of the Job:

Keeping in mind the increasing significance of the subject the students can get a chance to study the subject at bachelor’s levels in many medical education institutions in Pakistan. The dominant pre-requisite for the admission is the completion of twelve years of study with sciences i.e FSc Pre Medical. This twelve year means completing of the degree from any BISE of the local system or the foreign degree of A levels. in each of the two situations it is essential to pass the exam with a specified percentage as mentioned by the institute.


Medical Laboratory Technology Course Outline

The students getting admission in the four year degree program of the Bachelors (honors) OR DMLS will be required to study certain essential courses that are necessary for the completion of the degree. These subjects include the fundamental MBBS subject that can help in getting aware of the world of the body. The later options include microbiology, radiology, Microbiology, hematology, blood bank technology, clinical chemistry, molecular biology, immunology, and cytotechnology. The essential part of the training is getting the direct exposure of the laboratory environment for the practice.


Prospects (Career & Scope) of Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) in Pakistan

The degree was introduced as a strong technology based incentive generating degree in Pakistan some 40 years back. Today it is an acclaimed professional degree offered in number of medical institutions of Pakistan. The significance of the degree is no more confined to the medical organizations any more. The degree holders can start with the individual businesses too. The degree holders can find great employment chances in both the public and the private sector organizations like hospitals, pathological labs, clinics, research labs, paramedical institutions, research labs etc. Besides there are prospects of getting further degrees in the field and get updated both academically and professionally. Students after matriculation with science can get admission in 2 years diploma in medical laboratory technology and can assist seniors in labs and laboratory technician.


Doctor of Medical Laboratory Sciences (DMLS)

DMLS is a new degree in the field of Medical Laboratory Technology. Holders of this degree are can use the prefix of Dr with their name. That’s why now a days students are preferring DMLS degree on simple BS or BSc in Medical Laboratory Technology. DMLS is a one of the best alternative options for those students who could not get good marks in MBBS or BDS.

New Alternative Degrees of MBBS & BDS After FSc Pre-Medical in Pakistan

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