Scope of Doctor of Optometry & Orthoptics (OD)-Eligibility, Career & Subjects

Career & Scope of Doctor of Optometry & Orthoptics (OD) in Pakistan-Eligibility Criteria, Syllabus & Future Prospects 
What is Optometry and Orthoptics?
One of the common disease and physical disability all over the world is the one related to eyes. From minor infections to the major malfunctions there are numerous problems related to the eyes. Some of these can be easily treated at homes with the natural herbal remedies, while at the same time the problems get so worse that they have to be treated properly under the supervision of the expert eye specialists. They help in taking care of the various visions related problems along with the eye infections. Once the problem is diagnosed the solution has to be found by any optometrists, who suggest the appropriate set of spectacles/contact lenses/medicine or surgery.

Scope of Doctor of Optometry & Orthoptics (OD)-Eligibility, Career & Subjects

Scope of Doctor of Optometry & Orthoptics (OD)-Eligibility, Career & Subjects

Other than this they can easily give the services of vision therapy along with the rehabilitation of any low vision person the main assignment of the optometrists is to examine the eyes and diagnose the problem. It is after the proper check up and diagnosis that the optometrist not just provides the basic optical care, but in fact helps in giving away the care required before and after the surgical procedures. These procedures comprise of cataracts, and retinal problems.

How to Find Admission in the BS Optometry and Orthoptics or Doctor of Optometry (OD)?
The B.Sc honors degree is offered in the two subjects after completing the intermediate with pre-medical. The degree is now being offered at several public and private sectors. The admissions are given at the merit as well quota level. This along with the entrance percentage is also different from institution to institution. Fifty percent marks are required for admission in Doctor of Optometry (OD) course.

Doctor of Optometry (OD) Course Details:
The Doctor of Optometry (OD) course being an honors degree spreads over a period of 4 years. In this time the students get to study a specific set of subjects that are taught through the lectures. laboratories and clinics. The subjects usually highlight the physiology and anatomy of the eye, further leading to the practical application of the knowledge. The initial years concentrate on the theory to understand the optical procedure. In order to give the students a complete detail, the laboratory equipment and models are used. On the other hand as the course proceeds, the students are taken to the eye clinics to learn the stuff practically.

Future Careers in the Field of Doctor of Optometry (OD):
After the completion of the four year degree the qualified Optometry and Orthoptics can acquire jobs in the optical treatment centers. The students can acquire a high salary job, which has several prospects to further improve and get the promotions too. The jobs offered are of two types: either the students can join any hospital or doctor as an assistant or they can start their own business after some experience. The main careers for the plausible specialists are that they can prepare the devices required to correct the optical problems. Pakistan has several institutions that are solely made for the optical problems, like Shifa International eye hospital in the Rawalpindi city. Such institutions have wide scope for the qualified students.

The other great option is to study further in the respective field. The students can continue till the doctorate level.

Scope of OD in Pakistan 

Doctor of Optometry (OD) is a new program in Pakistan and is better than BBS or BSc in Optometry and Orthoptics as after getting OD degree you will be called doctor. Its an good alternative of MBBS and BDS. Doctor of Optometry (OD) can earn money than simple doctors or dentists as we still need large number of qualified Doctor of Optometry (OD).

You may earn unlimited money by producing following products locally, as Pakistan spend lot of money to import these products and they are very costly too. Some Doctors of Optometry (OD) are producing these products in Pakistan in a very limited quantity and their margin of profit is unbelievable.

Light Weight Ocular Prosthesis
Re-Adjustable Omni-Fit Enucleation Implant
Cross-Linked PMMA Prosthesis
Calibrated Prostho-Guide Conformer
Artificial Eyes
Cosmetic Contact Shells
Evisceration Balls
Muscular Implants
Congenital Anophthalmia and Microphthalmia
Scleral Shells
Exenteration Prosthesis

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