Scope of DDNS, DND & BS in Nutrition & Dietetics, Career, Subjects & Eligibility

What to do as a Professional Nutritionist?
Who is the Nutritionist?
Food is the basic essential of life. It is impossible to survive for long without the food. It is the food that fulfills the need of carrying out the essential body functions. It provides the necessary components required for the usual functions of our body along with the internal metabolism. The food does not mean that everything has to be eaten. The need of food and nutritional components varies with the age, physical status and the nature of activities. Deficiency can result in serious ailments. Just like seeking other pieces of advices from experts in spending the life happily it is important to consult the food experts to reduce the chances of any kind of food related problems.

Scope of DDNS, DND & BS in Nutrition & Dietetics, Career, Subjects & Eligibility

Scope of DDNS, DND & BS in Nutrition & Dietetics, Career, Subjects & Eligibility

This expert which has all the information in his stock related to food is called a nutritionist. He is a qualified expert that knows the inside out of the food. They can determine the general requirements of the individual as per the individual physical needs. They are very helpful for those who need an extra attention in the course of a medical treatment, while they are suffering from a serious disease.

Who can join the Bachelor Program for Nutrition like BSc Nutrition & Dietetics & DDNA/DNA?
The positive point about taking up the course is that it is equally good for the students studying sciences (F.Sc Pre-Medical/A-Level) at the intermediate level. It is greatly beneficial for the ones who have joined the home economics at the matriculation and intermediate level. The students can apply for several institutions all over Pakistan today. Some institutions have an open merit system, while the others take their own entry test too. The pre-requisite to join is therefore the 12 years of education.

The Ins and Outs of the Course (BS Nutrition & Dietetics & DDNA/DNA):
The course consists of four years like any other honors degree. In the pace of the course emphasis is given on the biological requirements of the individuals. It is important to understand the structure of the body. The anatomy and physiology of the body determines that the individuals need. The course tries to give maximum practical exposures for the students by taking them to the hospitals, clinics etc. they are encouraged to make practical application of the knowledge.

Scope of Becoming the Nutritionists via BS Nutrition & Dietetics & DDNA/DNA:
Once the degree completes there are ample opportunities to join the varying institutions. The better options are getting jobs in the hospitals. The nutritionists can join the schools too. Many large education units are concerned about the nutritional requirements of the students. There is an opportunity to become a registered nutritionist and run his or her own business. The organizations like WHO are always keen to hire the fresh blood for their projects running in different parts of the world. These days the That Project in Pakistan is becoming a matter of great interest for the nutritionists all over the world due to frequent child deaths. Other professional careers on the list include joining a restaurant, becoming a food author etc. Some keen youth also like to take up the job of teaching also.

Doctor of Dietetics & Nutritional Sciences DDNS/Doctor of Nutrition & Dietetics DND
Many universities of Pakistan are offering DDNS and DND degrees in Pakistan in the field of Nutrition & Dietetics. Both these degrees are of same kind. Some universities are offering DDNS degree while other are offering DND degree. Holders of both these degrees are called doctor, so they can use the prefix of Dr with their name. It is one of the best alternative of MBBS and BDS. Eligibility criteria is the same for DDNS/DND and BS Nutrition & Dietetics.

Subjects Taught in BS Nutrition & Dietetics & DDNA/DNA
Here is the list of subjects taught in your favorite programs i.e BS Nutrition & Dietetics and & DDNA/DND.

Introduction to the Science of Food & Nutrition
Principles of Human Nutrition and Dietetics
Fundamentals of Biochemistry
Introduction to Microbiology & Immunology
Pakistan Studies
Computer Applications
Human Psychology and Nutrition
Nutritional Disorders
General and Systemic Pathology
Metabolism of Nutrients
General Anatomy & Histology
Food Microbiology
Elementary Mathematics
Islamic Studies / Ethics
Nutrition Policy and Public Health
Food Laws and Regulations
Food Quality Management & Maintenance
Food Industries Waste Management
Food Processing and Preservation
Food Toxicology and Safety
Physiology & Biochemistry of Human Nutrition
Food Additives
Meal Planning and Management
Life Cycle Nutrition
Water Quality and Environment
Food Analysis and Sensory Evaluation
Food Allergies
Institutional Food Services Management
Experimental Foods
Introduction to Computer Science and Information Technology
Vitamins & Minerals in Human Nutrition
Nutrition Education & Practice
Community Health & Nutrition
Sports Nutrition
Functional & Nutraceutical Foods

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