Scope of Medical Imaging Technology & MID, Career, Jobs, Subjects & Benefits

Prospects of Medical Imaging Technology in Pakistan:

What is Medical Imaging Technology?

The field of medicine has become greatly sophisticated and technical. Unlike the old times when the conventional medicinal practitioners treated the patient by observing him externally, today the process has become highly technical. The patients can be full diagnosed after the internal checkups through modern imaging machines like X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT scan and MRI. This has been made possible after capturing the organs within. These images are taken with the help of several machines based on radiology. They make sure that what problem is going on in the body. Not everybody can understand the images taken from the specialized machines.

Scope of Medical Imaging Technology & MID, Career, Jobs, Subjects & Benefits

Scope of Medical Imaging Technology & MID, Career, Jobs, Subjects & Benefits

It needs a great deal of specific information to interpret the signs of the disease. Medical imaging technology is a kind of methodology and technical process that creates visual images of the interior of a body that can be further exploited to give the clinical analysis and medicinal interpretations. It is a camera for the snapshots of the internal organs of the body. In practical terms it is the integration of radiology and the imaging technologies like X-ray radiography, magnetic resonance imaging, medical ultrasonography, ultrasound, endoscopy, elastography, tactile imaging, thermography, and medical photography and nuclear medicine functional imaging techniques.

Who can join the B.Sc (Hons) in MIT or MID?

This is a great academic career for the students passing their intermediate and looking for the further studies in the field of the medicine. Being practical in nature (Medical Imaging Technology) MIT gives more benefits to the students who have completed the intermediate with Pre Medical. Today in Pakistan the subject is being taught at several institutions. Although the admission policy is different, yet the academic criteria of passing intermediate with pre-medical are essential. The marks border line is also different i.e 50% to 60%.

MIT Course Details:

It is an important combination of fundamental medical subjects. At the initial stage the students get acquainted with the basic subjects like anatomy, physiology, histology, pathology, medicine and surgery. As the imaging deals with the physics too hence it is integral part of the four year course to study the principles of Physics along with those of Bio-Medical Engineering. At the practical level the students are given information related to the use of imaging technology like angiography, endoscopy, X-Ray and ultra sounds, Computer Scanning, MRI, Nuclear medicines and Mammography.

Prospects of Medical Imaging Technology (MIT) in Pakistan:

At the time of the completion of the course at the intermediate level, most of the students believe that not getting admission into the professional college means an end to their life. This is not so there are equally good opportunities for the students seeking admission in the B.Sc (Hons.) MIT or MID. It has both the prospects at the individual application level and the organizational level. The institutes like NOORI in Islamabad hold greater prospects for the new graduates. Cancer research and treatment institutes like Shaukat Khanum, Anmol have a number of well paid jobs for the MIT or MID graduates. The graduates can further improve themselves by acquiring higher degrees till the doctorate levels. It is a great experience to join as the laboratory experts.

Hence, it is better to join the field if you want to have the technologically sound careers for the future. Through short diplomas in Medical Imaging Technology, you can not expect a bright future in this field, so try to get at least bachelor level degree.

MID Medical Imaging Doctor Vs BSc MIT

Medical Imaging Doctor (MID) is a better option than BSc MIT. MID degree holders can use the prefix of Dr with their name. They can easily control a medical imaging lab in any hospital or lab. They can also enjoy more job opportunities than simple BSc degree holders in MIT.

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