Scope of Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Career, Subjects, Eligibility, Future Prospects

Prospects of Studying Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Pakistan
It is not important to be a degree holder, but one learns a lot while acquiring the degree. The first degree comes after the completion of the fourteen years of the academic life that is the bachelors. The bachelor degree is awarded under the university that is recognized by the higher education commission. The students can either directly study in the university or in any college that is affiliated with the university for their bachelor degree. Most of the subjects taught and studied at this level as arts or humanities are concerned with the humanistic aspect of life. These subjects generally deal with what social life is and its different aspects.

Career & Scope

Scope of Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Career, Subjects, Eligibility & Future Prospects

What is B.A?
It is considered as the undergraduate level of degree that covers the significant aspects of the Liberal Arts, the Sciences, and in some cases the features of both. The Bachelor of Arts degree is the part of academics for years. It can undoubtedly be considered as one of the oldest in the history of academics. Bachelor of Arts degree programs usually take 3 to 4 years to complete in different countries. In Pakistan it takes only two years in case of simple bachelors and four years if the student wants to get an honors degree. The bachelor student requires studying some compulsory and some elective/optional subjects. There are several subject combinations open in these years. The choices vary from institute to institute.

Who can Join Bachelor of Arts (BA)?
Students who successfully complete the twelve years of their education from a local BISE or get equivalent qualification from the foreign education system are considered eligible for the Bachelor of Arts BA degree. There is no restriction of subjects in HSSC for further applying in the bachelors. No matter you study the sciences, arts or commerce at the intermediate level you can join the Bachelor of Arts (BA).

Subject Options Available in B.A:
After joining the bachelors levels the students can think of choosing a subject as per their choice. The subjects have the background of history, social sectors, literature, and even the religion. For a student studying at the bachelors some elective subjects along with the compulsory subjects have to be chosen. The list of the minor and major subjects is too long. It includes the languages like English, French, Urdu, Persian, Arabic added along with Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, History, Islamic Studies and other subjects that are important for understanding the human aspect. The students can decide for greater options including psychology, sociology, geography, statistics, home economics, political science, journalism etc.

Scope of B.A in Pakistan:
After acquiring the degree there are numerous field open for the degree holders. The students can join many options of careers after completing the Bachelor of Arts (B.A). Apart from the job in the world of education the students can appear for the competitive exams. The doors to the NGOs are also open to those studying social sciences. Psychology itself is a wide base subject that is used in schools, colleges, clinics, hospitals and even in multinational set ups.

Thus, the study of arts or humanities at the bachelor levels opens far more options rather than studying merely pre-medical or pre-engineering. Now 4 years BS program has also been introduced in all major colleges of Pakistan. Read following article for details about BS program.

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Punjab University Lahore offers following elective and optional subjects at Bachelor of Arts BA level. B.A students have to opt 2 elective subjects of 200 marks and one optional subject of 100 marks along with following compulsory subjects.

English A+B-200

Pakistan Studies-40

Islamic Studies-60


Punjab University B.A. (Pass Course) Examination

1. Aero-Science (for P.A.F. College , Sargodha)
2. Arabic
3. Applied Psychology
4. Bengali
5. Biochemistry
6. Botany
7. Chemistry
8. Computer Studies
9. Economics
10. Education
11. English Literature
12. Fine Arts
13. French
14. Geography
15. Geology
16. German
17. History
18. Hindi
19. Home Economics
20. Health & Physical Education
21. Islamic Studies
22. Italian
23. Journalism
24. Kashmiryat
25. Library & Information Science
26. Mathematics A Course
27. Mathematics B Course
28. Mathematics General
29. Music
30. Persian
31. Philosophy
32. Physics
33. Political Science
34. Punjabi
35. Russian
36. Social Work
37. Sociology
38. Space Science
39. Spanish
40. Statistics
41. Turkish
42. Urdu
43. Women Studies
44. Zoology

Punjab University B.A. (Pass Course) Examination

1. Arabic
2. Applied Psychology
3. Astronomy
4. Bengali
5. Economics
6. English Literature
7. Fine Arts
8. French
9. Geography
10. German
11. History
12. Home Economics
13. Islamic Studies
14. Italian
15. Journalism
16. Mathematics
17. Kashmiryat
18. Library & Information Science
19. Music
20. Persian
21. Philosophy
22. Political Sciences
23. Punjabi
24. Russian
25. Sindhi
26. Sociology
27. Spanish
28. Statistics
29. Social Work
30. Turkish
31. Urdu

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