HSK Speaking Test For Pakistani Students, HSKK Pattern, Apply Online, Result

Chinese Language HSK Speaking Test Guidelines, Structure, Form, Tips, Result, Schedule, Fee
To mark down and score the person oral Chinese speaking abilities, this HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) is taken. It is on three levels that this test is based and you will appearing for HSKK primary level and HSKK intermediate level and final is the HSKK advanced level. It is in the form and version of audio recording that this assessment is usually taken.

Scope of Chinese Language for Pakistani Students


HSK Speaking Test For Pakistani Students, HSKK Pattern, Apply Online, Result

Test Target for HSK Speaking Test (HSKK)
The beginner level will let you master 200 Chinese words and phrases. Then the intermediate level of this HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) will let you master 900 commonly used on words.
On the other hand, advanced level will help you in mastering 3000 of commonly used Chinese language words.

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Test Levels of HSK Speaking Test (HSKK)
HSK primary level, it is composed of HSK level 1 and HSK level 2. By passing the beginner level, you can use and also understand the oral expressions.
HSK intermediate level. it comprises of HSK level 3 and level 4. This stage clearance will help you to converse and talk in Chinese language.
HSK advanced level, it constitute of HSK level 5 and 6. Passing this stage will help you to talk fluently in Chinese.

Test Content for HSK Speaking Test (HSKK)- Beginner Level
The beginner level section is composed of three main parts. There are total 27 items in it. 17 minutes is the total duration to solve this section.

From part 1, you will get 15 items. For every question, you will get the sentence recording. Then it is require from you to repeat that actual sentence recording. You will get total 4 minutes to solve this specific part 1.

Then from part 2, you will get 10 items. The recording of every single question will be played for the applicant. You have to give the answers of those recordings. Note that you will get total 3 minutes to solve this section.

Part 3 is composed of 2 items. As you will get two questions and you have to write 5 sentences for every single question. 3 minutes is the total duration to attempt this part.

Test Content for HSK Speaking Test (HSKK)- Intermediate Level
Total 14 items are a part of this section and you have to attempt total 3 parts.

From the part 1, you will be 10 questions. The applicant will be given with sentence recording. You need to repeat that specific recording. 3 minutes is the time duration assigned to you to solve this part 1.

Part 2 comprise of two items questions. Every item will be composed of an image. You need to speak out a single sentence about that picture which is shown to you. The test taker will get 4 minutes for this specific part attempting job.

Part 3 constitute of 2 items as well. It is the questions and answers part and you have to give the answers in sentence form. 4 minutes is the total given and assigned to you for this part.

Test Content for HSK Speaking Test (HSKK)- Advanced Level
You will be given three parts in this section and total number of items will be 6.

From the part 1, applicant will get 3 items. You will be given a passage recording and you have to repeat that passage content. You will get 7 minutes to attempt this part.

From the part 2, there is just 1 item question. You will be a given a passage and you have to read it. 2 minutes will be given to you.
Part 3 comprise of two items. You will answer two of the questions in sentence form and 5 minutes are assigned for this section.

Result Certificate Details for HSK Speaking Test (HSKK)
It is after one month gap that you will get your result. Total marks of this test is 100 and you should score 60.

It is up to two years that you can use the result card score of this test.

We will put up more of the details on HSK Speaking Test (HSKK) so stay tuned.

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