HSK Level 2 Test in Pakistan, Format, Application Form, Fee, Result

Career Guide About Chinese Proficiency Test HSK 2, Introduction, Structure, Golden Tips
HSK 2 is made so that the Chinese language proficiency and expertise level of any person can be marked and assessed. Clearing this HSK level 2 test will get you and officially enter you in a position so that you can speak in the Chinese language on almost routine terms and basis. If you want to catch more explanation on this test which about Chinese language expertise and proficiency, then check out the below details:

HSK 2 Test

HSK Level 2 Test in Pakistan, Format, Application Form, Fee, Result

Purpose of HSK 2 And What You Learn from This Test
Learning of 300 commonly used Chinese words, sentences and phrases are incorporated in this test. This is the advanced and technical level test. Those who will clear the level 1 of HSK, they will be allowed to sit for this HSK level II test as well. And this test stages goes on for up to six levels.

Test Structure Made for This HSK Level 2 Assessment Test
For this test, you will be preparing yourself for these reading comprehension sections as well as for this listening comprehension sections. Total 4 sections assigned to this part of listening section and you will be attempting total 35 questions. The test taker will officially be given 25 minutes for this section. The second section will have 4 sub sections, 25 questions will come and the time duration which will be assigned and given to solve these questions, it is total 22 minutes.

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Type of Questions Part of Listening Comprehension Section for HSK 2 Test
First you will get the part 1 and in this part, you will see total 10 items. This section will ask from the test taker to make true or a false judgment statements. You will get pictures and sentences to get further clarity of your questions. Then part 2 is made of 10 items. In these questions, you will opt for the appropriate answer and you will be given dialogues and pictures in this section. Coming to the part 3, it is composed and comprise of 10 items. To solve these questions, you will be given with three possible answers for every single question. Picking the right answer is required from you. The final part of this section, it is part 4, questions of this part will comprise and made of 4 to 5 sentence dialogues. Test taker has to pick pick out the right dialogue.

Kinds of Questions Part of Reading Comprehension Section for HSK Level 2 Test
In this section, first comes the part 1 consist and it consist mainly of 5 items. Statements and pictures will be given to the test taker applicants. His job is to choose the statement and picture which synchronize with each other. The part 2 will be asking 5 questions from you. You will either get a sentence or you will get two sentences for every single question. A blank word will be there too, your task is to fill in that blank. The part 3 is mainly made of 5 item questions. The test taker will see two statements in front of it for every item question. You have to mark this fact on your answer sheet that whether these given statements are in relation and correspondence to each other or not. Finally, in this section, we have the part 4 and it comprise of 10 items. The test taker will be able to see 20 sentences in front of it. Your main job will be to look for the correlation between these given and mentioned sentences.

Passing Score for HSK 2
200 is the total score of this assessment and it is must for you to get 120 marks which is the passing score limit made for the HSK 2 test taker applicants. Keep in touch with us.

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