First Chinese Language Online Test in Pakistan, Learn Mandarin, MCQs

First Mandarin Chinese Language Online Quiz in Pakistan, Multiple Choice Questions MCQs
China is going to become a mega super power soon. Its people are proud of their language. Chinese language is now taking the place of English after OBOR project. People from all over the world are taking interest in Chinese language. Its a fact that Chinese language has very easy grammar, but its alphabet (symbols) are much more than other languages of the world. Pakistani students are given scholarships from government for learning Chinese language. After the completion of CPEC there will be a great demand of local experts of Chinese language. Many government institutes are offering free Chinese language course too in Pakistan. Punjab government even sending students to China. NUML, TEVTA are best institutes for learning Mandarin. You must also learn Mandarin as it is the key to success in future.

First Chinese Language Online Test in Pakistan, Learn Mandarin, MCQs

First Chinese Language Online Test in Pakistan, Learn Mandarin, MCQs

Mandarin is spoken in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. Its too the national language of People Republic of China. There are about 200 individual dialects of Chinese but Mandarin is the most widely spoken all over the world. In this quiz we have taken simple Mandarin words as its for beginners.

Chinese Language Online Test For Beginners

We are publishing first ever Chinese language online test for beginners in Pakistan on our web portal. We are highly thankful to Rana M Adnan Ilyas senior Chinese language instructor for creating this first ever Chinese language online test in Pakistan for our visitors. It will help you in judging your current level of skills. Soon advance online quizzes will also be published on the same topic. Learn Mandarin for better future prospects. Stay connected with and its facebook page for unique online quizzes of different kinds.

First online Mandarin Chinese language test in Pakistan for beginners. MCQs on Mandarin for quick learning.

1. ránhòu means …………….?


2. Do you know the meaning of Xīngqītiān?


3. What is the translation of qúnzhòng?


4. Can you tell the meaning of róngyì?


5. Which is the most widely spoken form of Chinese language?


6. What type of language is Chinese?


7. What do you understand with the word píngguŏ?


8. What do you understand with the Chinese word qìchē?


9. What is the meaning of word quán?


10. What is the meaning of kāfēi?


11. Mandarin Chinese has one neutral tone and …………….. basic tones?


12. What is the translation of wŏmen?


13. What is the English translation of yī?


14. How you will explain the Chinese word rúhé?


15. Translate the Chinese word nián?


16. How would you explain the word rènwu in English?


17. What is the exact meaning of qiăokèlì ?


18. Which is the most closest language to Chinese language?


19. What do you understand by Chinese word qīyuè?


20. Explain the meaning of réng?


21. What does qūdòngchéngxù mean?


22. Identify the exact meaning of word ròu?


23. Which is the fastest growing world language and second largest in West?


24. What is the English translation of Xiānsheng?


25. pán in Chinese language means ……………..?


26. Define the Chinese word qīzi?


27. How many symbols are use in Chinese Language?


28. What is the English translation of rìqī?


29. àiqíng in Chinese means …………….?


30. Define the Chinese word qī?


31. Translate the Chinese word kěkǒu kělè?


32. What is the meaning of rén?


33. What is the translation of fùqīn?


34. Do you know the meaning of quēdiăn?


35. What does ruănjiàn mean?


36. What is the translation of Bājīsītăn?


37. How many grammatical forms Chinese words have?


38. How many symbols one should understand for reading a Chinese newspaper?


39. Identify the meaning of ránér


40. What is the translation of qŭnuănqì?


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