Scope of Chinese Language for Pakistani Students

Why Pakistani Students Must Learn Chinese Language?
China has become a super power. Few years before everyone need to learn English language in Pakistan for success in life, but now a new era is going be start where we will have to learn Chinese for success in our career. Chinese language is going to become number one international language in future. China is going to invest about 60 billion dollars in Pakistan. China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a game changer in Asia.

Under CPEC many companies are going to establish their offices, ware houses, and factories in different cities of Pakistan. These companies will need local interpreters and translators to communicate with local people and companies. There is unlimited need of such professionals in near future. These professionals will be given high salaries. The volume of trade is also going to increase dramatically between China and Pakistan. Our local traders who want to do trade with China also need experts of Chinese language. That’s why Pakistani government is sending talented students in Chinese universities to learn Chinese language on fully funded scholarships. Many public sector education institutes are also offering free Chinese language courses with monthly stipend.

Scope of Chinese Language for Pakistani Students

Scope of Chinese Language for Pakistani Students

Those who want to get education in China also need to learn Mandarin language. It’s the right time for you to enter in this field as you will not have to face any tough competition in practical life after learning this great language. We still need large number of experts of Chinese language instructors in Pakistan. My own student has learnt Chinese and now he is earning a lot as an instructor. Being a home tutor he takes 20000 per month for 5 days weekly lecture of one hour. A Chinese language institutes is offering him 3000 per month for 8 classes of one hour in a month. During an industrial/trade exhibition in expo center Lahore he earned 30000 in just 3 days as an interpreter. You may get his contact number from me any time.

It is recommended that you must have command over English too for opening the more doors of employment for you. Try to get certificate/diploma in Chinese language from a recognized public sector institute, but remember that your command over Chinese matters more than any certificate. Practice is the key to success in this field too. There are many online websites which provide free facility to learn Chinese. Remember first of all we learn our mother language through listening and then speaking. So follow this technique here too. You may also be able to do trade with Chinese companies directly after learning Chinese.

Many local exporters and importers visit China by air every month on the behalf of local traders to finalize their dealings and contacts. Some are permanently residing in China and working as agents of many local importers and exporters. You may also start your own educational institute. In short scope of Chinese language is unlimited for Pakistani students. It is expected that one million people from China will visit Pakistan monthly after completion of CPEC. So do not waste this precious time and become a pioneer in this field in Pakistan.

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