HSK Level 1 Test Guide For Beginners, Pattern, Form, Result, Online Preparation

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If you are confused and have this lack of know how on this HSK Level 1 test then here we can give you the actual information on this test. You will come to know its purpose and target aspect, then the content details of it, its total score and the validity of this assessment test result score. This subjected test is the A1 level and scale of this Common European Framework of Reference CEF. Those who will clear this HSK Level 1, they will get themselves involve in a position of understanding simple Chinese language sentences and phrases.

HSK Test

HSK Level 1 Test Guide For Beginners, Pattern, Form, Result, Online Preparation

HSK Level 1 Test

What is The Overall Test Target of This HSK Level 1 Test?
The target of this subjected test is pretty simple and straightforward. Passing this test and learning every single aspect of this assessment, you will then be enlightened with almost 150 commonly used Chinese phrases and words and phrases. The concerned person will come to know and be able to grab the knowledge on the basic grammar patterns.

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What is The Detailed Test Content Possessed by This HSK Level 1?
One should note down that in this HSK Level 1 test, you will be attempting 40 items. The person will basically be marked on his listening skills, reading skills and also on his comprehension skills. While you will solve the listening section, then you will get total 4 sections and 5 questions will be put up in front of you from all sections. This section consist of total 20 questions and you will get time of 15 minutes to solve this test. While solving the reading section, you will get the total 20 questions and you will be given 17 minutes to solve this section. Talking about the listening comprehension section, the time which you will get to solve this section, it is 3 minutes.

Questions Part of Listening Comprehension Section of HSK Level 1
First you will solve the part 1, 5 questions will come. Every question will have a phrase and a picture. The test taker has to be pick up the true or false statement. Then attempting the part 2, the test taker will be given a sentence and three pictures in every question. Choose the picture which correspond to the sentence. The part 3 questions will comprise of dialogue and lots of pictures. The test taker has to select any of the corresponding picture which goes in relation to the dialogue. The part 4 questions comprises and constitute of three statements. Select the correct statement out of total of these three statements.

Questions Part of Reading Comprehension Section of HSK Level 1
The part 1 questions will have a phrase and a picture. You have to come with this judgment that whether these phrases and the given pictures go well and develop a relation with each other or not. The part 2 questions will have pictures and sentence statements. The test taker has to choose that which of the picture goes well and in complete correspondence with which statement! The part 3 consist of 5 questions and the test taker will also be given 5 answers. Match the question all with the correct and right correct answer. The part 4 comprises questions having a lots of statements and sentences, you will be asked to fill the words which are missing.

Total Marks Possessed by HSK Level 1
The listening section comprise of total marks 100 and the reading section comprise of the maximum score of 100. The total score which is possessed by this test, it is 200. It is for two years that the test score remains to be valid. Its all from us on HSK level 1 test.

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