Zong SMS Packages 2021 Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Whatsapp & Fortnightly

Zong SMS Packages 2021 With Prices & Activation Details Daily, 7 Days, 15 Days, Monthly & Whatsapp

The mobile phones are becoming an unmatched gadget of the modern world. Where ever you go, your mobile is your best friend. From audio to videos, from books to movies, mobile is a home to knowledge and entertainment. Anyone can buy the mobiles keeping in view the usage and budget. The cloned version of the most sophisticated phones helps those who want to use the best. The mobile phones available in the market are classified into the following types:


  1. Smart Phones: Smart phones are the most sophisticated types of mobile phone with multiple functions. They can be called the mini computers. They can do multitasking just like a computer. This also includes connecting to the internet. The popular smart phones in market include the Apple iPhone, Blackberrys and Google Android phones.
  2. Camera Phones: camera phones are great for those who want to keep a store of their memories. The cameras attached to the mobiles are either VGA or pixel based. The pixel cameras give additional features of sharpness, light and effects. The cameras start from 2 mega pixels and then go to even 15 mega pixels.
  3. Music Phones: they are ideal for the music lovers. It helps in carrying the music with you everywhere. They have enough memory to keep the music of all types.
  4. 3G Phones: these phones are made to support the internet networks of 3G and 4G quality. These phones also have the feature of video call.


Among the emerging mobile networks since 2005, zong has become really famous. Zong has become famous in a very short span of time. It has its head office stationed in Islamabad. It is also known as the China Mobile Pakistan. This growing network is providing, all types of voice and data services including postpaid and prepaid plans, 2G, 3G and 4G services, mobile banking. It is the first ever foreign working project of China Mobile. It is working in Pakistan since 2008 after getting the license of Millicom. It is enjoying the status of becoming a 100% subsidiary of China Mobile. Today, it is the second largest service provider with GSM services, while as per the strength of the subscription it is third with 25.6 million subscribers. China Mobiles Pakistan has announced Zong SMS packages 2021.


Latest Zong SMS Packages 2021

Today, China mobiles Pakistan offers different types of bundles supporting different Zong SMS packages, like daily sms bundle, weekly sms bundle, fortnightly sms bundle and monthly sms bundle.

  1. The daily sms cum whats app package offers 500 SMS and 30 MB for whats app just for one day against a suggested payment.
  2. Monthly sms package expires on the consumption of 500 sms/day or 30MB/day or on the completion of the month.
  3. Weekly sms bundle is a new one in the row. It relaxes your mind by giving a better opportunity of 1200 sms for a very little payment for a week.
  4. Zulu bundle is great. It gives you 500 messages per day. For details about Zong SMS packages 2021 view the image given below.

Zong SMS Packages 2021 Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Whatsapp & Fortnightly

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