How to Clear University Entry Test? MCAT, NTS, ETEA, ECAT Tips

How to Qualify University Entry Test? Preparation Tips For NTS, MCAT, ECAT & University Admission Tests

Getting admission in the reputed universities is important for the future of many young students. After completing the intermediate many students desire to join universities like NUST, LUMS, NUML, GIKI , COMSATS, UHS, UET, PIEAS and IU. To get admission in any of these renowned institutions the students have to appear in an entry test. It is observed that despite high scores in the previous standards they are not able to qualify in the entry test. In this regard many students state that they had different kinds of problems in coping with the test. From anxiety to confusion all contribute to the failure of the student. In this context, it is important to find a solution to the problem. The following tips might be helpful in bringing you to the University of your Choice.

Entry Test.

How to Clear University Entry Test? MCAT, NTS, ETEA, ECAT Tips

A candidate should never choose an answer from the options in a hurry. Even if you are not aware of the answer you must think rationally and logically to reach the most appropriate answer. The questions must be solved in an order of from the easiest to the most difficult. Attempting the easiest question means boosting your spirit and morale. It takes lesser time, and does not stress your mind in the early stages. Thus, you are absolutely ready and warmed up to attempt the difficult ones in the later times. The overall impact of the test is just like that of a chess game. The winning team is the one which works with preservation, vigilance and peace of mind.  While sitting in an entry test, it is essential to stay calm. There is nothing to panic. Before your pen starts moving for the answers always underline the keywords.

If you are in the preparation phase of the test, it is essential to go through your text books thoroughly. Some universities give additional topics/syllabus too, for which you must study some extra material. Past papers are a great source of preparation material. They give an insight into the format and nature of the entry test. They also help in self-assessment.

Majority of universities provide sample papers, syllabus and online demo test for their entry test. You must follow them first of all. For online tests you will have to be familiar with the use of Internet. Avoid joining any preparation classes as material for all kinds of entry tests is available on Internet. An intelligent student can utilize these resources for getting good marks in a university entry test.

Dividing the time is very important. In this way you get sufficient time to every question. Reading the questions and thinking of an answer yourself before looking at the given options results in lesser chances of the mistake. Skipping the doubtful questions will prevent you from getting negative marks.

Conceptual clearance and practice is key to your success in any type of entry test. A student must try to improve their qualitative, quantitative and verbal reasoning skills.  Also try to improve your general knowledge. You can also buy a quality handbook for preparation of any specific university entry test.

Knowing the test methodology and practicing accordingly can earn you more marks. Mostly these days computer sensitive sheets are being used but some universities opt for different methodologies also. Hence, practice according to the format, consulting SAT related books and online practicing sites can be extremely beneficial for the preparation of any kind of entry test.

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