List of All Government College University Lahore Scholarships 2024

List of All GC University Lahore Scholarships 2024

Check out the complete information and official guideline regarding scholarship programs and endowment fund programs which are initiated by Government College University Lahore. This programs offer Rs 20,000 to Rs 1 lakh amount to disable students or orphans or to minority students. International universities have devised these funding schemes and this same practice and traditional funding of students is seen and witnessed in Pakistan universities as well. This Government College University Lahore and China university has signed an agreement. From this university, just 2 students are chosen and they complete their remaining of their studies in China university. There are many scholarship types which are offered by GC university Lahore. Here are the details of these scholarship types. Check out the complete list of these scholarship types:



History of Government College University Lahore Endowment Fund Program

This program of endowment fund, it was devised in year 2003. This program was made fully and officially functional in year 2006. Only those students can officially become the part of GC university endowment fund program whose house income is less than the amount of Rs 40,000. If you are enrolled in GC university and you want to eagerly avail their scholarships then be sure that your household income has to be less than the range of Rs 40,000.



Golden Scholarship Program

Rs 1 Lakh is the maximum amount of this scholarship program. In this amount, a student can easily cover his tuition fees, hostel dues. This scholarship is tough one to get. It has tough to meet eligibility requirements.



Silver Scholarship Program

Rs 50,000 is the maximum amount which is given and awarded by this scholarship program. Only category of needy students can apply in it.



Category Scholarship Program

Then Rs 30,000 is the maximum amount of this scholarship type. Scholarships of less amount are too offered and awarded to the category of students who are deserving.



Other Details of Scholarship Endowment Fund

It is not compulsory that you will get a scholarship for entire time span of your studies. Like if you are in your 4 years bachelor studies program and you got a scholarship amount for 1 year, then you have to renew this scholarship as well. This university has laid down a criteria according to which students can get scholarships for their whole degree program. Suppose your department has mentioned this criteria that you have to maintain your CPGA above 3.5 and if you get less then 3.5 CGPA then this scholarship amount of yours will be canceled.



Final Words

So a great educational benefit is given to these GC university Lahore students. You should avail. If you are extremely deserving and has fully maintained your CGPA then apply in this GC university Lahore scholarship schemes. If more latest endowment fund programs will be officially initiated by Government College University Lahore, we will let and keep you updated.


List of All Government College University Lahore Scholarships 2024


List of All Government College University Lahore Scholarships 2024