Scope of Studying American History in Pakistan, Career, Significance

Why Study American History? Benefits, Career, Scope, Job Prospects, Quiz
If we talk about the last and previous one 70 years of the world history, then they mainly revolve around America. This country is a super power, it is a giant. Here we will talk about the subject of American history. We have seen that many of the students prefer to study the European history subject. But this subject carries a less scope and you need to opt the program of American history. It was in 1776 that America got its independence from the UK United Kingdom. The founding father of America, he was George Washington. Though this country possess a short history, but it is a rich history at the same time. Abraham Lincoln came out to be the second most important and prominent president of the USA. If you want to study the subject of international relations or world history, then this subject of American history is also an important subject.

American History

Scope of Studying American History in Pakistan, Career, Significance

Popularity of The Subject of American History
All the books which are written on this subject, they are considered and marked as the best sellers in the world. If you do have the analytical mindset, then it is suggested to study this subject. While studying this subject, you will be able to widen your approach. You will know about the past and current position of this country.

Why Study USA History? Significance 
The Pakistani students, they prefer in studying this subject because it is an important subject for the CSS, PMS exams. And also for the PCS exams, this subject carries a big importance. This is a scoring subject. By opting this subject in your competitive exams, you can earn and score great marks. It is recommended to pick this subject for these exams.

Facts on American History
As we have told that the important president of the USA, he was Abraham Lincoln. Do you know that he sacrificed his life for his country, it is true! He was totally and completely against the discrimination concept which was made on the basis caste, color and creed, religion.

After his death, USA, turned out to be the symbol of imperialism. It was after the first world war that the USA became the second super power in the whole world. Though it turned out to be victorious in the second world war, even then it dropped two of the atomic bombs on Japan. It did this just to show and prove his authority and power on the rest of the world!

In the year 1991, the fall of USSR Russia occur and after that none of the country came on the forefront to challenge the supremacy and power of this country USA.

So these are the important facts which we have shared with you about this subject of American history. And you have came to know about the reasons that why studying this subject is important for you. Keep connected with us and more subjects related to the history will be shared with you. Keep tuned with us.

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