Career & Scope of MA History in Pakistan, Syllabus, Jobs, Tips

Career Counseling About Scope of MA History in Pakistan
This MA History degree program, it is one of the popular degree programs which you can opt, do you know that it most of the western countries, this subject of history is taken in the form of a science subject, it is true! In the junior classes, this subject is taught as one of the compulsory, it is through this subject of history that we learn about the different ideologies, methodologies and approaches of life. Moreover in these competitive exams like we have CSS and PMS, most of the candidates opt this subject of history because it comes in the category of top scoring subject, we have many sub versions of this history subject, like you an study the subject of Islamic history or you can study the subject of Pakistan studies, you can even study and opt the subject of Pakistan history or British history.

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Career & Scope of MA History in Pakistan, Syllabus, Jobs, Tips

Scope of MA History
This subject is packed with a lot amount of general knowledge information, those who complete and finish their masters in this subject, they readily and instantly get a job as a teacher or as a lecturer. It is one of the relatively easy subjects, as this subject is the part of arts and social sciences subject, that is why it is pretty easy to study it and teach it as compared to the rest of the subjects.

Who Can Appear in MA History Program?
It is as a regular candidate and it is also on the basis of a private candidate that you can appear in these MA history exams. For the information, the first and pioneer historian in this world of history, it was Ibne Khaldoon and he was the one who concluded this fact that history is a scientific subject. It is just with the help of this subject that we can know about the historical aspect and heritage section of any country.

Syllabus for MA History
It is in two parts that this degree program has been divided and here we will tell you what subjects you are going to study in the part 1 phase of this program and which of the courses you will study in the part 2 stage of this degree program.

In the part 1 of this program, you will be studying five courses and each of these courses comprise of total 100 marks each. Subjects like government and politics in Pakistan, Muslim struggle for independence, state and society in Muslim India, they are taught.

Then in part 2, you will study these courses, history of Indo Pakistan, Punjab in modern times, Muslim rule in Spain, the Ottoman empire.

Job Options
You can work as a government officer, subject specialist or you can serve as a lecturer on this subject of history. Then you can be working as an author or writer, you can look for the researcher job or preservation jobs in the departments and sectors which are linked to the field and subject line of history.