First American History Online Test in Pakistan, USA GK MCQs

First United States History Online Quiz in Pakistan, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
United States of America is the sole super power of the world. It is controlling the world as per its own new world order. USA has won the cold war and now it is even controlling the UNO. American history is not very old. Within just 200 years United States of America has got the status of super power. You must have general knowledge about United States history for polishing your GK skills. We are striving hard to develop great online quizzes on new but most important topics of general knowledge. First American History online test in Pakistan is a step forward in this direction.

First American History Online Test in Pakistan, USA GK MCQs

First American History Online Test in Pakistan, USA GK MCQs

We have tried to cover all the aspects of United States history in this American history online test. You will certainly like our selection of MCQs. Each and every Multiple choice question has been chosen after research. Our team is creating more online quizzes for our history and general knowledge series. If you have and urge to learn then stay in touch with us and our facebook page. We are waiting for your feedback, positive criticism and suggestions for our published online quizzes. Now check your general knowledge about American history.

American History online quiz is first of its type online test in Pakistan for knowledge seekers. All important events of United States history have been covered.

1. Which incident compelled USA to join second world war?


2. What year were black people of USA allowed to vote?


3. Explain terms little boy and fat boy?


4. Christopher Columbus discovered America on …………….?


5. When famous bill of rights was ratified?


6. “I Have a Dream” is a speech of Martin Luther King (Civil Rights Activist). When he was assassinated?


7. Who was the first President of USA?


8. Which Chief Justice of USA made US Supreme Court coequal branch of government?


9. When did women get right to vote in USA?


10. Which is considered the greatest defeat in American History?


11. When did USA invade Panama to depose dictator Manuel Noriega?


12. Which country was rival of USA during cold war?


13. When President John F. Kennedy was assassinated?



14. What was Operation Desert Storm?


15. When did the USA enter in the world war 2?


16. USA refused to join famous international organization ………………….?


17. American Civil War continued from 12 April 1861 to 9 May, ……………..?


18. When did the Boston tea party incident occur?


19. Name the US President who tried to stop slavery?


20. Neil Armstrong landed on moon in Apollo 11 on ……………..?


21. When Twin towers were demolished in 9/11 attacks?


22. Who was the President of Confederate States from 1861 to 1865 during the American Civil War?


23. USA was ally of which country during Korean war?


24. How much amount was paid to Russia by USA for buying Alaska on 30th March, 1867?


25. What is the importance of 4 July 1776 in American history?


26. When Skylab the first space station was launched?


27. When Ford Motor Company was formed?


28. Which was the last state of USA giving the American flag 50th star?


29. What is Great Depression in US History?


30. Name the USA President who was elected to office 4 times prior to the 22nd amendment?


31. Who was the first female Presidential candidate in USA?


32. When USA constitution was signed?


33. What is the exact date of D-Day (The day of heavy landing of allied forces to combat with Hitler)?


34. When 52 US diplomats were made hostage for 444 days during Iran hostage crisis?


35. Why did the USA join World War One?


36. Cuban Missile Crisis continued for ………….. days?


37. When Osama bin Laden was killed?


38. Name the US President who had to resign due to Watergate Scandal?


39. Who was the first black US President?


40. Who presented the famous 14 points for peace on January 8, 1918?


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