Scope of Forestry in Pakistan, Intro, Career, Job Prospects, Duties, Skills Required

Career in The Field of Forestry, Introduction, Salary, Job Options, Benefits, Salary, Significance, Tips, Job Duties & Scope
It is according to the international standards that more than 25% of the country area should be covered and filled with forests. The purpose and functions served by these forests cannot be denied. They give shelter to the birds and other animals, they control floods and reduce the global warming issues. It is said on an unfortunate basis and terms that just 4% of the Pakistan area is covered with the presence of forests, this is quite sad! It is because of the over population and deforestation that this 4% figure is getting decreased day by day. It is too due to the urbanization and energy crisis issue that we are facing this problem. We have to protect these forests so that the wild life living in these forests can remain protected.

Scope of Forestry in Pakistan, Intro, Career, Job Prospects, Duties, Skills Required

Scope of Forestry in Pakistan, Intro, Career, Job Prospects, Duties, Skills Required

International NGOs Working for Forestry Field
We have Green Peace and WWF, they are the two most important international NGOs. They are working for this sector. You can say that they have become volunteer organizations in this field. If you are a nature lover as well as if you are a human and wild life lover, then this field is great for you. No doubt that on a worldwide level, we are in need of forestry field professionals. Working for this field, you will get special allowances too.

Job Duties in Forestry
It is the duty of these forest and conservation workers that they have to plant the seedlings in order to reforest the land. They need to clear away the debris from the camping trails and roadsides as well as from the camping areas. They do the spray on trees by using insecticides and fungicides so that insects can be killed which are damaging these trees. Moreover, they have to identify and too remove diseased and any of the undesirable trees. They have to inject vegetation with the help of insecticides and herbicides.

Scope of Forestry
These forestry sector professionals can work in the forest department, wildlife department, NGOs, universities, colleges, national parks. You can have jobs in the safari parks, international organizations like that of Green Peace and WWF. Or serve in the research organizations, man made forests. These professionals can be working in the agricultural corporations, zoo, botanical gardens, artificial forest or in the industries related to the sector of pesticides and fertilizers.

Then these same field line professionals can have job and position as a forest officer, lecturer, zoo curator. NGO activist, research fellow, media worker, wild life photographer. Or work for the zoo administration department.

Skills Needed in Forestry Field
If you have interest in the subjects like biology, horticulture or in the subject of ecology, then you can work for this field in a great way. This is a research oriented field. So if you love to do and conduct researches, then do serve in this field.

You have to be observant throughout your career phase. It is important for you to remain vigilant as well. You should have great administrative communication skills. You can succeed in this forestry profession line if you have all these skills and traits.