Scope of MA English in Pakistan & Abroad, Career, Jobs, Subjects

Career & Scope of  MA English Language & Literature in Pakistan & Abroad

Studying a language does not mean getting proficiency in reading, writing or speaking, but also getting some great professions ahead. Many students after completing their bachelor’s degree look forward to get admission in the English at the master’s levels. Although there are several apprehensions before starting with the job, but still it is evident that MA English is not just a degree, but it opens doors to several great opportunities. English is a mandatory language if we want to get a good job. Learning English at the master’s degree levels polishes the skills required for both literature and the grammar both.

Scope of MA English in Pakistan & Abroad, Career, Jobs, Subjects

Scope of MA English in Pakistan & Abroad, Career, Jobs, Subjects

Getting a degree in English means that the degree holder has several roads opening to a great career. MA English would not just earn you a teaching job, but can be a great help in excelling at various jobs including the white collar jobs too. It is a great field to earn in the communication industry too. It is the foundtion stone of the jobs that require the interpersonal relations. It also sharpens the writing skills and thus, the degree leaves you with several options knocking at your door step.

Today, the MA English degree is being awarded in number of public and private sector universities. The MA English degree is available at both regular and private level. The syllabus generally includes the literature part that is the novel, poetry, essays, etc. the literature side is embellished with the study of the language in which the most important aspects like phonetics, grammar and structure are included. After the completion of the MA English degree there are number of professional careers opened for the students in Pakistan. Some of the important professions that can be opted by the degree holders are as follows:

  1. Teaching is one of the most preferred options open after the completion of the MA English degree. The students can earn a professional education degree like B.Ed or M.Ed to join the government sector jobs, as they are a pre-requisite. In private sector there s no such compulsion. The MA English degree holders can attend several foreign based teaching programs, like those arranged by the Cambridge to get better jobs. Teaching to the Cambridge based academic levels is really paying.
  2. White Collar Jobs can be joined by appearing in the civil services. After completing the degree in English, the students get a good command over the language skills. The proficiency is preferred in case of the civil services. Thus, most of the students move towards the CSS as they find it a great option.
  3. Media Jobs are increasing day by day. As the media world is expanding, it is a great world to join. The degree holders can join the media world as the anchors, writers, editors etc. There are several options available to join as the media personnel. Many institutions and businesses want to explore the world of social media to gain benefits. For this they need strong writers, who are expressive and have sound vocabulary. The degree holders with MA English can exploit this skill very well.
  4. Freelancing is a great option. It is a growing profession that helps one to earn either by sitting in an office or by just working in the comfort of the home. It is a great way to earn.

Although there are number of options available, but the most important thing is to keep improving yourself. This is possible to keep looking for the diplomas certificates and other courses that can be helpful.


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