Scope of Educational Leadership and Management in Pakistan, Salary, Jobs, Career

Career & Scope of Educational Leadership and Management, Pay, Tips, Job Prospects, Programs, Institutes in Pakistan

Right into this blog post we will be having a quick discussion about what is the scope of educational leadership and management inside Pakistan and what sort of career prospect has been involved in this profession. In terms of defining educational leadership and management, it is even known as educational administration. It is all about knowing the management or the administration of basic educational polices inside educational institutions. In simple terms educational administrators are the one who are studying and working inside educational scenario. They are normally employed in the educational centers over the positions of being a dean or examination controllers as well as registrars. They can even work as instructors in the private or public school centers or different universities.


Scope of Educational Leadership and Management in Pakistan, Salary, Jobs, Career

Scope of Educational Leadership and Management in Pakistan, Salary, Jobs, Career


What is the Duty of Educational Management Expert?
Educational Administration graduates work in the academic environment as deans, registrars, exam controllers, and instructors in public and private schools, colleges, and universities. They are performing the main duty in which they are contributing towards the educational planning as well as policy and in coordinating the system of examination. They are also overseeing athletic programs and in assessing different processes.



Important Skills in Educational Leadership and Management
It is important for an educational leadership and management to have the excellent team and being best in the skills of management. They should be having skills of IT in order to compile the data or even letting the students to get the results comprehensively. In addition they should be having skills of being effective communicator or as the diplomatic in managing staff and faculty members. Their interpersonal and leadership abilities have to be enormously high.



List of Career Prospects in Educational Leadership and Management
University Registrar:
In this job prospect you will be handling different student records as well as services of registration within the academic setting. He will be accountable in issuing the transcripts as well as reporting or scanning the grades.


Career Counselor:
In this job field an expert of educational management will be assisting as well as staffing the students related with the professional growth as well as career decisions or development skills on social levels at colleges, schools or different universities.


Curriculum Coordinator:
This field prospect is also known by the name of instructional developer. They are accountable as in observing or even training teachers. They will ensure that the teachers are developing a complete proficient school based curriculum.



Academic Criteria or Qualifications for Educational Leadership and Management
If you want to step into this profession of Educational Leadership and Management, an expert needs to have the bachelor degree qualification of public administration, education or in any field related with management. They can also step into this field if they are having master’s degree in the field of Educational Leadership and Management. Students may also write their thesis on the field of School Management or Educational Psychology, School Management System or Curriculum Planning & Development or Educational Administration and they may also proceed by getting PGD in these fields.



What is the salary outlook of Educational Leadership and Management in Pakistan?
If you have freshly acquired the degree of MA in Educational Leadership and Management, then at the average level your salary will be around Rs 40,000 as per month inside Pakistan. Private institutes may give you much more salary depending upon your skills set, confidence and experience.



Universities in Pakistan Offering MA in Educational Leadership and Management
In Pakistan at the time of writing this post University Of Education Lahore, Bluebells International College Of Education Rawalpindi, The University Of Lahore (Baba Fareed Campus) Pak Pattan, Greenwich University Karachi and University Of Okara are offering MA degree in the field of Educational Leadership and Management.




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Career Counseling Tips For MA Educational Leadership and Management Degree Holders
You must learn the use of at least one software about school management system, college management system, university management system or preschool management system as per your area of interest. Know how about account management software will be a plus point for you. BEd and M.Ed degrees are given very much importance in Pakistan so try to get these degrees from Allama Iqbal Open University. In the beginning accept the post of even coordinator, vice Principal or proctor. For getting higher post you need experience too. All keep yourself updated about new techniques and software related to educational leadership and management. You must specialize in management of school or college or university or distance learning institute or special education institute or technical institution as you can not become specilist of all these kinds educational of institutes.



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