Scope of Petroleum Engineering in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Duties, Career, Significance

Career in Petroleum Engineering Field, Job Options, Career, Qualities Required
The blood of world economy, it is this black gold. Do you know that the world petroleum, it is also referred as black gold, it is true! This petroleum engineering has become the dynamic field exclusively in all over the world. We have a large number of petroleum reserves in most of the Muslim and Islamic countries. But we lack in terms of the professional petroleum engineers. Arab countries are being exploited by the Western oil exploration companies. We need to hire our own human resource so that we can benefit greatly from our country petroleum resources. Pakistan still relies on the countries belonging to the West side and China in terms of oil and gas resources. We have enough reserves of oil and gas in our country. But we do not have latest equipment and experienced workforce. This petroleum engineering field needs a lot of attention now.

Scope of Petroleum Engineering in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Duties, Career, Significance

Scope of Petroleum Engineering in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Duties, Career, Significance

Job Duties in Petroleum Engineering Field
These engineers have to design equipment so that oil and ga can be extracted right in the profitable and productive way. They develop out the constructive ways so that water, gases and chemicals can be injected right into an oil reserve and maximum amount of oil and petroleum can be injected out.

They develop the plans regarding the drilling and extraction of oil and gas fields. These engineers have to evaluate and complete the well testing and well surveys procedure. They use the computer-controlled drilling equipment to do their job more effectively.

Nature of Work for Petroleum Engineers
The nature of work for the completions engineers, they have to come up with the optimal ways regarding the well-completions work. They implement the use of tubing, hydraulic fracturing and pressure-control techniques. Then these drilling engineers have to determine that which can be the best ways to drill a gas well or an oil well. They have to confirm that whether the drilling process is safe and efficient or not! The nature of job for these production engineers, they have to monitor the oil and gas production phase for a well. They figure out the suitable number of ways that how the extracted oil amount can be increased.

Jobs in Petroleum Engineering Sector
These petroleum and gas exploration companies, oil refineries, mineral and gas department, petroleum department demand these engineers. Work in the consultancies, engineering institutions and universities, research and survey companies.

These petroleum engineers can work as a surveyor, professor, public servant, research assistant, petroleum engineer, gas engineer or as a geo scientist, petroleum engineering writer. Even you can work as a petroleum engineer consultant, mining engineer, jobs in the oil and gas exploration companies.

Skills Required in Petroleum Engineering
The required person should have strong technical skills, team working skills and also problem-solving skills in his personality. He should have the correct amount of drive and enthusiasm, then numerical skills and analytical skills are needed too.

More details on petroleum engineering are coming up. So stay tuned and do opt this latest field because it has a lot of scope.

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