Scope of Marine Engineering in Pakistan, Significance, Jobs, Duties, Skills Required

Career Options in Marine Engineering Field, Nature of Work, Job Prospects, Importance, Qualities Needed
Being the oldest engineering discipline, this field of marine engineering has its own place. Do you know that more than 70% of the world valuable resources, they are hidden under the water, it is true! So to explore and discover those resources, we are in need of marine engineers. These super powers, they are still ruling on the Asian countries as well as on the African countries, the main reason is that they have string naval power at their end. Being the Asian country, we also have to empower our marine engineering sector and we have to boost our naval power.

Marine Engineering

Scope of Marine Engineering in Pakistan, Significance, Jobs, Duties, Skills Required

Significance of Marine Engineering
Most of the Muslim countries, they do not even have their submarines and strong, powerful naval sector. Pakistan has a strong naval force and still more strength should be seen in this force. This sector of marine engineering is very important because if we want to boost the aspect of international trading and if we want to make our defense sector, then hiring professional marine engineers is needed.

Job Duties And Nature of Work Demanded in Marine Engineering Field
These marine engineers have to design and oversee the phases of testing, installation with regard to the marine apparatus. They conduct out the analytical, environmental studies as well as operational and performance studies. They direct and prepare the system layouts. They make the detailed drawings and too schematics.

These engineers related to the marine engineering field have to evaluate all marine equipment operations. They analyze the data so that feasibility of all of the product proposals can be determined.

They remain in contact with their research personnel so that all problems can be resolved and clarified. These engineers observe tests on all kinds of marine machinery and equipment. They conduct and process environmental, operational tests on the marine machinery.

Jobs in Marine Engineering
These marine engineering professional can work in the navy, merchant navy, naval workshops, special services wing. You can work for the research and development wings which are part of navy, oil tanker manufacturing companies. These marine engineers are hired in the passenger shipping companies. transport shipping companies, naval training institutions. Or you can serve in the naval research journals, research assistant, lecturer, instructor, ship engineer, sub marine engineer, marine engineering specialist.

Skills Required in Marine Engineering
These engineers working for the marine ad naval sector should have strong problem-solving skills. They have to be excellent in maths and also in their IT skill area. Strong communication skills and negotiating skills are needed. Their technical knowledge has to be great and excellent. Their computer-aided design skills ad manufacturing (CAD/CAM) skills have to be up to date. Then they should know how to prioritize workloads and how to plan effectively.

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