Scope of Nuclear Engineering in Pakistan, Intro, Career, Job Options, Significance

Career in Nuclear Engineering Field, Introduction, Scope, Importance, Qualities Needed, Nature of Work
It was Albert Einstein who came up with this concept and important theory that matter can be converted into energy and then vice versa. He made a great contribution in this nuclear engineering field line. You will explore the scope of this field by reading out the details from this page. So far eight countries have made this claim that they are the atomic powers. It is both for the constructive purpose as well as for the destructive purpose that this field can be used. We should use this atomic power just for the peaceful purpose. Instead of making this planet an atom bomb planet, we have to take an initiative to make this planet an atom bomb free planet. If the third world war is going to be started, then we will again enter into the stone age, So the correct use of this nuclear engineering field should be implemented.

Nuclear Engineering

Scope of Nuclear Engineering in Pakistan, Intro, Career, Job Options, Significance

Job Duties in Nuclear Engineering Sector
These nuclear engineers have to develop nuclear equipment. They have to design and make reactor cores and radiation shielding, and the rest of the associated instrumentation. They direct the maintenance activities which are attached to the operational nuclear power plants processing. These engineers write up the operational instructions which have to be used in the nuclear plant operations.

They do the monitoring of nuclear facility operations. These engineers have to identify the designs and operation practices which violate and break the safety regulations or any kinds of laws. These professionals perform out the experiments in order to test and know that whether the methods of using reclaiming nuclear fuel are acceptable on the specified conditions or not.

They take out the corrective actions during the phase of plant shutdowns in the case of emergencies. They design cyclotrons which are used by the health-care industry to treat and cure cancerous tumors.

Carer & Scope of Nuclear Engineering
Pakistan is the only Muslim country which has become an atomic power. Now there is a need to do more and more research and development in this area. In this regard, we need experienced nuclear engineers. Do you know that none of the universities offer admission to the Pakistani students in the discipline of nuclear engineering., it is true! So it is high time to make this discipline foundation stronger in Pakistan universities. We have to come forward and make great moves and initiatives in this field line. We have the greatest example of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, he make Pakistan the atomic power.

Jobs in Nuclear Engineering
These nuclear engineers can work in the atomic bomb plants, uranium enrichment plants, atomic energy plants, radiation department working in the hospitals. Look for jobs in the nuclear medicine research institutions, nuclear engineering research journals.

These engineers can have many jobs in the nuclear engineering research firms, medical labs, cancer hospitals, medial imaging technology labs, radiologist, nuclear scientist, lecturer, labs in charge. Work as an atomic scientist, atomic researcher, scientific atomic writer, nuclear engineer, medical researcher.

Skills Needed in The Sector of Nuclear Engineering
These engineers working in the nuclear engineering field, they should have problem-solving skills and great analytical skills. They should have professional planning ability and organizational ability. They should know how to manage projects and budgets.

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