Scope of Mining Engineering in Pakistan, Duties, Jobs, Career, Skills Needed

Career Scope of Mining Engineering in Pakistan & Abroad, Introduction, Job Prospects, Sub Fields, Benefits, Importance, Tips, Qualities Required

In Pakistan, we are in high need of mining engineering professionals. We know that Pakistan is a country which is packed with lots of natural and mineral resources. To explore and extract these resources, we are in need of professional engineers. This is an important and extremely high demand engineering discipline. We lack the latest and modern technology and too proficient human resource which are needed for this field. To explore, oil, coal, gas fields, we have to be look for the professional and experienced mining engineers. It is true that we are not giving the due attention to this field. If Pakistan and the rest of the Muslim countries wants to develop and grow, then they have to give high attention to this sector.

Mining Engineering


Scope of Mining Engineering in Pakistan, Duties, Jobs, Career, Skills Needed

Sub Fields of Mining Engineering
The sub fields of this mining engineering sector, they are geography, mineral processing, geology, geotechnical engineering. Then we have metallurgical engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering which are also included in this field and these mentioned branches are related to this sector.

Job Duties in Mining Engineering Sector
These mining engineers have to ensure that the underground resources are being extracted safely and also efficiently. Their other job responsibilities, they are to assess the reports and feasibility and to know about the potential when it comes to commercial benefit aspect of new sites. They have to ascertain and assess the extraction risks. These engineers have to produce the models and plans so that possible number of mining sites can be explored. They plan out and implement the extraction systems.

These mining engineers makes use of the specialist computer applications so that planning and production outcomes can get maximized. They have to monitor the underground performance measures. These engineers manage the construction projects. They also manage budgets and train and supervise their staff.

Career Scope of Mining Engineering
You can work for the mineral department, surveying and research companies, engineering colleges, engineering universities if you have studied this field. Or you can work for the engineering journals, scientific journals, consultant companies, poly technical colleges.

Become a surveyor, lecturer, mining engineer, researcher if you have a degree in this discipline. You can become and be on the job position of a scientific writer, government servant, geo scientist, petroleum engineer, consultant, mineral exploration companies.

Skills Required in Mining Engineering Field
Now moving to the skills which should be present in the mining engineers, they are the factors of confidence and problem solving skills. They have to be analytically skilled. The factor of efficiency and organization skills have to be there. These engineers should be able to work independently. Their strong technical mind will give a huge boost to their career.

This is the basic information on this field. If you are a mining engineer, then share more facts with us. Keep connected wit us and more scope and job positions related to this engineering field will be shared. No doubt this discipline of mining engineering is growing greatly and it has a strong, positive and promising future scope.