Scope of Bachelor of Law LLB, Syllabus, Jobs, Eligibility & Career Counseling

What are the Benefits of Acquiring the LLB Degree in Pakistan?

Why Study Law (LLB)?

A civilized society is known for its legal system. It is essential to know that rights of the citizens and enforce such laws and regulations that can preserve these rights. No individual in the society has the right to underestimate his fellow citizen and then deprive him of his basic rights. In order to ensure this promulgation of law is very important and this is possible only when expertise is strong enough in their field.  For ages law has been taken up as a respectful career option. The lawyers can do practice in number of fields independently and can also join the Law firms and government departments. There are equal opportunities for them in the government sector.

Career & Scope

Scope of Bachelor of Law LLB, Syllabus, Jobs, Eligibility & Career Counseling

Law is an extremely versatile profession. A lawyer is the professional that fulfills the requirement of the party that is in need of legal help. He has to bring the right into the light and protect it from false victimization. The lawyers are not just concerned with the criminal procedures, but there are several other aspects that they work for like property, income tax, family issues, trade mark, and fundamental rights. It is essential for the lawyer to know about the constitution and the legal framework of the country. In Pakistan where the crime rate is increasing day by day and there is sense of insecurity among the common people, the role of a lawyer has become really important. He fights for the right in the court room against the fee that is paid to him.

Role of lawyers in the History of Pakistan?

Lawyer’s role is proved in Pakistan since the days of the movement of its creation. The Pakistan movement was actually a movement that was led by the most renowned and trusted lawyer of the times Muhammad Ali Jinnah, whose foresightedness made him the father of the nation. Since then we have seen that whenever there was an outburst of crime, corruption or insecurity, the lawyers took up their task gracefully. Hence, the lawyers have a bright career in Pakistan. He is hired as attorney at the government level and is also given the opportunity in the private sector.

Academic Qualifications for Studying LLB:

The students who have passed their intermediate in any subject, may it be science, humanities, commerce or computers can apply for admission in the LLB degree. From this session the degree will require five years to complete. In most of the colleges the percentage required is 60%.

LLB Course Outline:

The syllabus is split into a total of 10 semesters along with the internship period during the vacations. The major subjects taught in the five years include constitution law, jurisprudence, litigation advocacy, legal methods, law of tart, registration act, code of civil procedure, tax laws, labor laws, criminal procedure code, contract law etc. Under these major heads the students study numerous aspects of each including merchandise law, Islamic jurisprudence, banking and financial law, labor law, criminal law, family law etc.

Career Opportunities:

After the completion of the LLB degree many enthusiastic lawyers of the future like to appear for the judiciary examination under different public service commissions, after which the successful ones get appointed as the civil judge in the respective provinces.  There is a golden opportunity for those who want to start with their own law chamber. They can serve in the financial institutions as legal advisors. The doors are open in many other institutions also that need legal assistance from time to time.

In short, if you have the skill to persuade, convince and fight for the truth then you can join the LLB degree course of law after completing intermediate.

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