How to Select Best College After Matric or O-Level?

Career Counseling-How to Chose Best College After Matriculation or O-Level in Pakistan?

At the point when the matriculates have finished their registration they ought to begin searching for the best college to browse from the online sources, from where they can initiate the journey on the road of success and career building. College is not just a walled construction but in fact, a whole body that makes the difference in many lives.

How To

How to Select Best College After Matric or O-Level?

To begin with, the matriculate ought to make this unmistakable that, which field is appropriate for him or her as indicated by his/her gauge and intrigue. For this separate concern matriculate ought to be exceptionally dynamic, he ought to experience the day by day daily papers and authority sites of the best universities in the area so he ought to be very much aware of the opening of confirmations and ought not to be postponed or ought not to be late for the affirmation procedure.

Another relevant inquiry is that either matriculate’s needs to examine in an administration organization, or his brain is moved towards privately claimed foundations. This relies on upon the outlook of the particular matriculate and also his moderateness since private establishments are more costly when contrasted with the administration ones.

Presently it comes to fruition the field which the matriculate needs to browse; essentially there are three distinct areas from which the matriculate will pick as indicated by his or her advantage.

The first is the FSC Pre-Engineering field in which the important subjects are Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry as understudies who wish to select designing or any science field ought to go for this separate heading.

The following option which is in front of the matriculates is FSC Pre-Medical in which the real subjects are Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. This is the field which is appropriate for the restorative and solution areas.

The third one is the I.Com which is the area required for the bookkeeping and financial course and also for the management courses. So a matriculate ought to pick the school which is the best in the above-expressed choices as indicated by his yearning he ought to choose the best option which is satisfying his needs.

There are several other options to be considered. The most important is the fee packages. It is not necessary that every expensive college is great. The candidate has to consider the academic reputation. The institution must be located in an area that is easily accessible. The females generally prefer those which are close to their residence or those colleges which have a transport of their own. Here is list of facilities which one should check before taking admission in any college after matric or O-Level;



Reputation in the area

Condition of Science labs

Result of previous years

Transportation facilities

IT related facilities

Library and reference library

Career counseling facility

Preparation for MCAT, ECAT & other entry tests


Number of ex students in civil service and industries

UPS and generator facility

Extracurricular activities and play grounds

Student teacher ration in a classroom

Thus, the matriculates have to look for the best college that is complete in all respects. Visit how to and career categories of daily for reading best articles on how to and career counseling.

How to Choose the Best Career after Matric & O-Level in Pakistan?

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