Scope of FSc Pre Medical in Pakistan, Career, Further Study Options 

Career Counseling About Scope of F.Sc Pre Medical in Pakistan, Eligibility, Subjects, Jobs & Further Study Options 
If you are a student of FSc Pre Medical in Pakistan then you should clearly know that what is the scope of this program! When you enter in the matriculation class, then you are asked to choose the medical field subjects or non medical subjects or the subjects related to engineering and computer science. So under the medical field subjects, we have biology, physics and chemistry subjects. After passing your matric in science subjects, you start to enroll yourself in the FSc Pre Medical program and there you also study the same subjects which are biology, chemistry and physics. This F.Sc Pre Medical education, it is equivalent to A-level education. Passing your Fsc Pre Medical studies, you then appear in the entry test and score admission in the medical and dental colleges.


Scope of FSc Pre Medical in Pakistan, Career, Further Study Options

Subjects Part of FSC Pre Medical
Total six subjects are the part of this program, English, Urdu, Islamic studies and Pakistan studies are the compulsory subjects and the other subjects which you will study, they are biology, physics and the subject of chemistry.

Eligibility to Be The Part of FSc Pre Medical Studies
If your matriculation studies or your O-level studies are done in the pure medical science subjects, then you can get admission in the program of FSc Pre Medical. If your matric phase was done in the arts subjects, then you cannot qualify for pre medical studies at the FSc level. Students can also do FSc Pre Medical studies by enrolling themselves as a private candidate. Get admission in AIOU university and complete your FSc Pre Medical education comprising of four semesters and eight credit hours. In the province of Sindh, this specific program is too taught in the language of Urdu.

Study Options After Completing Fsc Pre Medical
The two basic options which are available for you, you can do MBBS or you can do BDS studies of yours. If you does not get selected for these programs, then you can enroll in the Pharm-D program. You can do DPT studies, you can do MBBS from China, you can even do bachelor of pharmacy studies, BS in bioinformatics, or BS in biotechnology. You can too change your field line after completing these FSc studies, like you can do BBA, bachelors in commerce, you can opt any of the arts and humanities field.

New Alternative Degrees of MBBS & BDS After FSc Pre-Medical in Pakistan

Career Options
You can choose the profession of a biochemist, you can become a nutritionist, the profession of a homeopath doctor or working as a medical lab technician, they are opened for you. These passed out pre medical students, after scoring a higher degree, they can work as medical technologist, nurse, physiotherapist, veterinary doctor microbiologist.

This is how you can continue with this FSc Pre Medical studies of yours, stay tuned with us and all students will get more ideas and options that how this FSc program can be put up in a strong manner.