How to Prepare for Science Practical Exams (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)? Tips

How To Pass Science Practicals Exams of Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry & Physics)? Smart Tips
No doubt that practicals are one of the top scoring areas for any student, do not take this practical section on a lighter note. For science subject students, they have to appear for the practicals as well. Like in subjects of biology, physics, chemistry, statistics, computer science, it is must for the student to get passing marks in his practicals. Here we will give you the proper guidance that how to get maximum marks in this area:

How To

How to Prepare for Science Practical Exams (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)? Tips

Portions And Sections of Practicals
There are basically three sections of this area, first you will perform the practical and then you will be marked for this section. Then you will appear for the viva voce and the last section on which you will be scored, it is your practical book.

How to Score Maximum in Viva Voce?
This is an important section of your practical, in this section, the examiner will ask few of the questions from you. These questions will largely be related and linked to your performed practical. The examiner will judge you that how much you are prepared for this practical. You have to be confident while giving answers.

It is not compulsory that just practical related questions will be asked from you, the examiner of that practical can ask any of the question from you.

You should learn and go through the short questions of your practical note book, there are chances that that examiner will ask those short questions from you.

Tips to Score High in Practical Session
You should try to choose the easy to do practical from your question paper as choice will come. Make sure that you complete and perform your practical on time. Once you take the first reading, call the examiner and ask him to give you the mark for this first reading.
Enter all the details, result and findings of your practical and remain confident while you perform practical in front of the examiner.

How to Score Greatly in Practical Notebook Section?
You should not be buying ready made practical note books, by doing so, you will not get any mark. Prepare your practical notebook with your own hands. All practicals should be written on it and they should be checked by your subject teacher.

If it is a biology practical notebook then there should be proper diagrams drawn on it. If it is your physics and chemistry practical notebook, then proper readings, results and calculations have to be written on it.

On every practical notebook, there is a page showing the certificate of completion of your practical book, that page should also be signed by your teacher.

So, it is better if you are going to attend every single practical class of yours, so that you can score maximum in this section as well. If you have any questions during your practical session period, then just do not hesitate and ask all those questions from your subject teacher. Visit our how to and tips category daily for reading more informative posts.