Learn The Art of Selected Studies, Tips For Students of All Classes

Learn The Art of Selected Study, Smart Tips For Students of Higher Classes
Have you ever tried this mode of selected studies, here you will learn about the art of selected studies! Note that in the normal and usual circumstances, this is not the recommended studying strategy for the students. But if you are facing an emergency mode and you cannot study the whole syllabus, then in those situations, you can do this selective study. This page will let you know about the reasonable and sensible practices which you can opt while following this strategy:


Learn The Art of Selected Studies, Tips For Students of All Classes

The Art of Selected Studies- Tips for Students
It is obvious that the examiner is going to select a single topic from every single chapter. That means you can either study the first 3/4 part of your textbook or you can study and go through the last 3/4 section of your course book. Your subject teacher will for sure give you the choice. This strategy will let you to prepare and attempt maximum number of questions.

You can check the past papers, through this medium you will know that which questions are important according to the examiner. You will easily then know that on which questions and topics you should be more concentrating! If you will study the last ten year past papers, then you will get an obvious idea that which questions are more likely to come.

Tips And Smart Ways of Doing Selected Studies
You should try to prepare and study just the repeated questions present in your past papers. As these will be the popular questions, so there is a maximum chance this time as well that these questions will repeat. Rough go through these collected past papers, tick mark and highlight the repeated question. Prepare them properly and completely and then you are good to go to sit for your exams.
Whatever topics you are preparing, do not cram them and just try to get the basic understanding of them. You can only attempt the objective and subjective part of your paper if your concepts are to the point. As you are already studying and preparing for your paper on the last minute and dead end hour, so try to focus on your concepts. Grab the overall idea of that topic and then write down about that topic in your own words.

To prepare the objective section, you can learn the objective exercises given at the end part of your chapters by heart. There is an extensive chance that these back side objective exercises will come in your objective paper. You can also prepare the subjective questions present at your chapter back side. As we have mentioned that these text book subjective questions might come in your exams too.

Stay tuned and pass every exam of yours by following these tips! So this is the art of selective study routine, if you follow this kind of study routine then share your experience. Visit our tips category daily for more informative articles.