LESCO Duplicate Bill Download-Check Online or Print Copy

How To Get LESCO Duplicate Bill? View Online or Download Copy
The electricity is the most essential source of energy. It is the operating agent behind many works. From daily domestic chores to industrial works all rely on the uniform supply of electricity. The electrical supply works was the responsibility of different agencies in the private and public sector. They were assigned different regions and areas to work in. In 1958, after feeling the need of unified works the government laid the foundations of a national power regulatory authority known as Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) founded through WAPDA Act, 1958.

LESCO Duplicate Bill Download-Check Online or Print Copy

LESCO Duplicate Bill Download-Check Online or Print Copy

The local electricity works were regulated by the various regions working under WAPDA. For a more autonomous working of the provincial government, elected representatives, industrialists, agriculturalists and other interest groups regarding the power works, the Area Electricity Board (AEB) Lahore was introduced. It happened in 1982. LESCO has launched a program to digitalizes its services. Facility of online LESCO duplicate bill is step towards in this direction. Now you donot need to visit the office of Lahore Electric Supply Company for getting LESCO duplicate bill as this facility has been provided online.

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LESCO is the product of the changes occurring in the world of power and energy both internationally and nationally. The power and energy sector was moving towards private sector. The system was getting disintegrated. It was becoming essential for the government of Pakistan to answer the questions. Hence, it was essential to take a revolutionary action. Under a strategic plan in 1994, WAPDA was split further into 12 companies who were responsible for generating, distributing, and transmitting electricity.

Lahore Area Electricity Board was restructured in 1998 as corporate entity with the name Lahore Electric Supply Company. The basic aim was to commercialize the department and ultimately privatize it. Today Civil Districts of Lahore, Kasur, Okara and Sheikhupura fall in the jurisdiction of the LESCO. LESCO consists of seven distribution Operation Circles, one Construction and one GSO Circle, covering all these areas.

The Operation Circles comprise of the following circles with the division and sub divisions:
1. North Lahore Circle is a set of 5 Divisions and 24 Sub Divisions.
2. Central Lahore Circle is constituted by 5 Divisions and 26 Sub Divisions
3. Eastern Lahore Circle has 4 Divisions and 20 Sub Divisions
4. Okara Circle is working with 4 Divisions and 21 Sub Divisions
5. South-Eastern LHR Circle is split inti 4 Divisions and 21 Sub Divisions
6. Sheikhupura Circle has 5 Divisions and 29 Sub Divisions
7. Finally the Kasur Circle has 5 Divisions and 22 Sub Divisions
Apart from these area circles there is one Project Construction Circle with 4 Divisions and a G.S.O. Circle Divisions with 3 Divisions.

The LESCO is continuously working for the good of the customers. It has worked with zeal and zest to improve the current working according to recent trends. Besides giving the bills in a traditional manner, the online help is also provided. The customers can visit the official website and click the given link for LESCO duplicate bill. The customers can either have a look or can get the print of the LESCO duplicate bill. They can also request the correction of errors in the LESCO bill. You may download duplicate bills of almost all utilities from arqumhouse.edu.pk including LESCO duplicate bill.

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