PAF Jobs 2022-Online Test To Join Pak Air Force, Model Paper, MCQs

PAF Jobs 2022-Online Quiz To Join Pakistan Air Force, GK, Sample Paper & Solved MCQs
Pakistan Air Force is the pride of nation as it is the first defence line of the country. Pakistani youngsters love to join Pakistan air force, even females are also interested in PAF jobs 2022. You may join PAF as commissioned officers, junior commissioned officers, non commissioned officers and civilian staff. If you really want to join Pak Air Force then read our following articles too;


Online Test

PAF Jobs 2022-Online Test To Join Pak Air Force, Model Paper, MCQs


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It is also very important for you to get maximum information about Pak Air Force. You should read history of PAF. You should also have knowledge about its structure and fleet. Get know how about ranks and badges of Pakistan Air Force. Sound academic background and grip over your sense is also required for PAF jobs 2022. You must be super fit both physically and mentally. Youngsters with good IQ and EQ level can easily clear all the recruitment stages for joining the Pakistan Air Force.



Today our focus is on your general knowledge about Pak Air Force. You can easily check the level of your preparation for PAF jobs 2022 through the online test given on this page. These solved MCQs will also work as model paper for you. We have also published a beautiful image on this page about Pak Air Force badges and ranks. Hopefully you will stay connected with online tests category of for more online quizzes and tests.


This online test is for those students who have interest in PAF jobs. If you want to join Pakistan Air Force then take this online quiz for clearing the recruitment tests of Pak Air Force.

1. Air Marshal Asghar Khan was the ______ Muslim Commanders-in-Chief in PAF.


2. Prisoner of war Wing-Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was pilot of ­­­__________ aircraft. He was captured during a dog fight on 27 Feb 2019.


3. The PAF has _________ air bases.


4. Air Marshal Zafar Chaudhry was first _______________ of PAF.


5. PAF Muesum is located in ________?


6. When Pakistan Air Force day or Youm-e-Fizaya is celebrated?


7. Which is the best combat aircraft of Pakistan Air Force?


8. Burraq is the first ________ of Pakistan.


9. Air Vice Marshal Allan Perry was ______ Commanders-in-Chief of the Pak Air Force?


10. Air Commodore MM Alam downed ______ aircrafts of Indian air force in less than a minute on 7th September 1965.


11. Which Was The First Made in Pakistan Trainer aircraft of PAF?


12. Pilot officer Rashid Minhas received the Nishan-e-Haider award in the Indo Pak War of _______?


13. Headquarter of Pakistan Air Force is called Air Headquarter and it is situated in _________?


14. Pakistan Air Force works under ministry of _________.


15. _________ is appointed on the post of Second-in-command (S-in-C) of PAF.


16. Ra’ad (Hatf VIII) and Barq are __________________ missiles of PAF?


17. Which rank of Pakistan Air Force is equivalent to Lieutenant rank of Pak Army?


18. Name the made in Pakistan multi-role aircraft.


19. What was the name of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) before 23 March, 1956.


20. AH-1 Cobra is a _________ helicopter of PAF.


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