How To Apply For Jobs 2024? Online Job Application Tips

How To Apply For Jobs Through Online Job Application? Tips in Urdu & English
Now we have seen this latest trend that companies ask the candidates to apply online. They have made the career portals where it is required from the job applicants to upload their CV and other profile updates. Many job hunting candidates make mistakes when they apply online. They do not have this idea that whether curriculum vitae file should be attached or whether they need to copy paste their resume details in the email box. So here are the tip for you with respect to the section of online job application and how to apply for jobs:



Avoid Attaching Your CV File, Instead Paste it In The Email Text Box

It is recommended to paste your curriculum vitae in the email box. Many firms avoid to open the CV file because such a file contain virus in it. They avoid reading your CV file and just assess the other uploaded details of yours. If you want the firm to read your curriculum vitae A to Z, then paste it in the text box.



Making Different And Attractive Versions of CV

Uploading the same CV for different and way far varied job positions, this is the main blunder which you are making. The job application for the HR manager position, a different version of CV is needed and if applying for the marketing manager post, then a different format of CV is required.



Make Your CV Presentation Appealing

Your curriculum vitae look and overall presentation has to look appealing, Dull and boring format of CVs do not grab the attention of companies. So search for the appealing, promising and decent resume formats.



Setting The Margin

While you will paste your curriculum vitae details, then set the margin up to 6.5 inches,keep the text size 12 and select the text type courier.


Attach The URL of Your Website Only If It Is Relevant to Your Job
On your job profile, if you think that there is a need to attach and paste your blog link, website link, then do so. If you are assessing that such a step will make your profile stronger, then do attach all the URLs of your blog and website.



Sending Writing Samples in The Notepad Format If The Job Position Requires

If the job position is about writing and demand best English writing and communication skills, then in the case if you have writing samples which are official authority of yours, then you can forward those writings to the company where you have uploaded your job profile, This way, they will get an idea about your English writing and communication skills.




More online job position application tips will be shared. Many candidates often face rejection because they do not know about the smart ways when applying for any job position through the online platform.. We have given you the basic tips and if you want to share any tip which will be helpful for the job hunting candidates, then share those tips and recommendations on this page too so that the fellow candidates can implement those tips as well. Now read tips in Urdu language on how to apply for jobs 2024.


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How To Apply For Jobs 2024? Online Job Application Tips

How To Apply For Jobs? Online Job Application Tips