Download K Electric Duplicate Bill – View & Print KESC Online Bill

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K-Electric, was previously known as Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited. The company is commonly known as KE. It was a government owned company, which has been privatized now. It is assigned the responsibility of generating, transmitting and distributing power all over Karachi. Thus, it serves the power needs of more than 20 million inhabitants of Karachi. It is greatly supporting the employment needs by providing the jobs to 11,000 people. It also extends to cover an area of almost 6,500 square kilometers. This length includes various types of demographic areas including industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential areas. Thus, it is a diverse natured company to cater all domestic and commercial needs. Company is now providing many online facilities including K Electric duplicate bill.

Download K Electric Duplicate Bill - View & Print KESC Online Bill


Download K Electric Duplicate Bill – View & Print KESC Online Bill

K-Electric was established on 13 September 1913, under the rescind Indian Companies Act, 1882, which is now known as Companies Ordinance, 1984. In 1952, the Government of Pakistan became the controlling body of the Company after getting the majority shareholding of KESC. In 2005, the Government decided on privatizing K-Electric. In 2009, The Abraaj Capital, which is a leading private equity firm working in Dubai, became the owner after buying the most of the shares in the Company. Click the link given below for getting K Electric duplicate bill in just one second.

Click Here To Download K Electric Duplicate Bill – View & Print KESC Online Bill

Abraaj Group has full control over KE through the holding company, KES Power Limited that owns 72.58% of the shares. The management affairs of KE are looked after by a management team working under Tabish Gauhar. Tabish was hired by the company as its Chief Executive in November 2009. Just after four years in 2013 he became the Chairman of KE’s Board of Directors effective 12 February 2013. Nayyer Hussain was initially working as an executive director and Chief Distribution Officer. In 2010, he was given. Mr. Tayyab Tareen who was associated with the company since 2009 is now the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Strategy Officer.

To keep the electricity working in your homes and industries or even in commercial locations without any disruption it is a must to pay the bills regularly. The bills are transferred door to door through postal service. To improve the billing process the K-electric has facilitated the people by providing the online billing service. Now you can easily get K Electric duplicate bill while staying at home. By reaching the link through main web page the customer types the 13 digit account number. This is written on the left side of the bill. The billing details appear on the screen. You can also get a print out of the K Electric duplicate bill.

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