First Job Interview Preparation Online Quiz in Pakistan, Solved MCQs

First Ever Online Quiz For Job Interview Preparation in Pakistan Solved MCQs Multiple Choice Questions

If you want to appear in any job interview then now you are on the website, which has uploaded the first ever unique online job interview test for job interview preparation. We have also published job interview questions in Urdu for our visitors from Urdu and Hindi speaking countries. Its a fact that job interview preparation is not an easy task, as you will have to ponder upon your all weak areas. Here is a list of very useful related links for you.

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First Job Interview Preparation Online Quiz in Pakistan, Solved MCQs

First Job Interview Preparation Online Quiz in Pakistan, Solved MCQs

Many websites have published job interview questions, but not a single website of the world has uploaded unique online job interview test with recommended answers. At the time of writing this post someone informed me that few foreign websites are offering online practice tests for job interviews in various government, semi government and private organizations.

On visiting these websites, i noticed that either these websites are taking handsome amount of money for online job interview preparation or they have uploaded substandard questions without any research. We have a team of ex government officers, managers in private organizations, career counselors and senior educationists, who have prepared our online job interview test for all kinds of jobs. We have also published online test for preparation of all kinds of private and government banking jobs. If you will applicate the hard work of our team then we shall continue to publish more unique online quizzes. Just today on 8th March 2018 our team has published 8 online quizzes on entirely different topics. Share these links so that we may be able to develop more and more online quizzes.

1. How You Would Explain The Gap in Your Employment/Study?



2. What kind of Books & Magazines/Digests You Read?



3. What can you do for us that other candidates can’t?



4. Explain Your Work Style Kindly?



5. Why we should hire you?



6. What Kind of Personality do You Work Best With?



7. Why you left your last job?




8. What Attracted You to This Company?



9. What will you Miss about Your Last Job or Company?



10. How You Behave in Case of Any Failure in Your Field?



11. How Do You Handle Pressure Situations?



12. Do You Have Any Further Study Plan?



13. Explain Your Work Style Kindly?



14. Why Do You Want To Leave Your Existing Job?



15. Will you accept no increment in case of any emergency?



16. How You Will Describe Your Personality Traits in three words?



17. Why Do You Want To Get This Job?



18. Why Do You Want To Change Your Career Path?



19. Do you need any assistant from company?



20. How Will You Improve Yourself in The Next Year?



21. What are Your Comments about Your Last Boss?



22. Explain Your Work Style Kindly?



23. What are Your Hobbies?



24. Explain Your Work Style Kindly?



25. Can You Work in Our Overseas Office?



26. How Do You Entertain Yourself in Spare Time?



27. Are You Ready To Give a Trial of One Week Without Pay?



28. Would you accept any job offer from any other company during your stay with us?



29. What are Your Strengths?



30. Will you leave the job in case of you’re out of city transfer?



31. How You React on Criticism?



32. What are Your Weaknesses?



33. Can we call you in odd hours?



34. Where would you like to be in Your Career 5 Years Later?



35. What Salary are You Expecting?



36. Can You Work in The Field?



37. Define Your Ideal Company?



38. Which is The Most Required Skill for a Manager?



39. What are Your Hobbies?



40. Why We Should Hire You?



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