Inspector Legal Jobs 2024 in Pakistan Police, Duties, Protocol, Eligibility, Paper Format

What is The Role of Inspector Legal in Police Department? Salary, Paper Structure, Golden Tips, Facilities, Powers, Eligibility Requirements, Guide, Grade, Authority & Skills Needed
Welcome to our blog post about the role of inspector legal in police, facilities & powers. Here, we will discuss the job description, duties and protocol of an inspector legal & provide an overview of the role of a inspector legal in the police department of Pakistan.


Inspector Legal Jobs 2023 in Pakistan Police, Duties, Protocol, Eligibility, Paper Format

Who is an Inspector Legal?

An inspector legal is a specially trained police officer in the field of law who guide his department in the legal matters related to courts of law and law of land. He is considered expert or an authority on investigation, criminal laws, state laws, service laws and municipal ordinances within the department. They give the legal opinion to police officers in complex legal matters related to investigation, lodging FIR, CrPC, PPC, law of evidence, police rules, criminal laws and court proceedings.




Duties of Inspector Legal in Pakistan Police

The duties of a Legal Inspector in the Police include assisting in criminal investigations, delivering lectures in police training centers. They may be involved in coordinating police operations with other law enforcement agencies and overseeing adult & juvenile detention centers. Additionally, they may review investigations & prepare reports or assist in any other police-related activities. The police may also rely on their expertise to ensure that new laws are properly enacted & enforced.



Eligibility Criteria For The Post of Inspector Legal

Inspector legal is also known as legal inspector. Just law graduates can apply for this police job. Candidates should have got got at least 2nd division in LLB. LLM degree holders are more warmly welcomed in the department. Two years of legal practice is also mandatory for becoming eligible for inspector legal post. Remember just court experience of practice is acceptable.



General Requirements

Age of male, females and transgender candidates should not be less than 18 years. Upper age limit for legal inspector post is 32 years, but police employees may apply till the age of 35 years. Domicile of concerned province is also mandatory.



Physical Standards

Required Height of Male Candidates- 5 feet 5 inches
Required Chest Size For Male Applicants Only-32′-33 1/2 inches
Required Height of Female Applicants- 5 feet 2 inches
Required Distant Vision in Each Eye With or Without Glasses-6/9
Minimum Required Near Vision- J-1



Paper Pattern

For the inspector legal post you will have to appear in 6 written exams and one interview. Written tests are of 2 types i.e subjective and objective. Here is the details about paper pattern and format;
1-English Essay-Subjective-100 Marks-Time 2 Hours
2-Urdu Essay-Subjective-100 Number-Time 120 Minutes
3-General Knowledge (GK)-MCQs Type-100 Marks-90 Mins
4-Pakistan Studies & Islamiyat-MCQ Type-100 Numbers-90 Minutes
5-Pakistan Penal Code PPC 1860 & Code of Criminal Procedure CrPC 1898-Subjective Type-100 Marks-3 Hour Time
6-Qanun-e-Shahadat Order 1984 and Local & Special Laws-Subjective Paper-Total Marks 50-Time 2 Hours
7-Viva Voce/Psychological Test-150 Marks


It simply means that there will be total 550 marks. Passing marks will be just 40% but overall required aggregate is 50%. Simply speaking you will have to score at least 275 marks out of 550 in written test and 75 marks out of 150 in viva and psychological assessment. Do not forget that .25 marks will be deducted for your each wrong answer in MCQs.



Golden Tips About Inspector Legal Jobs 2024

Now law is taught only in English language in Pakistan, so just 6 months of preparation will be enough for you to clear the public service commission exam for the post of inspector legal in police, but as a lawyer your ultimate aim should be to become a civil judge as eligibility criteria of both these posts is same but civil judge has lot more powers than inspector legal. Mean while you should apply for the posts of public prosecutors and legal inspectors too. So in the initial stage of your career as lawyer do not take part in bar politics and concentrate on understanding the practical legal procedure and spend your maximum time in courts and bar library. Read daily newspapers, gk books, previous papers and guide to inspector legal for your preparation.



Powers, Protocol & Facilities

Inspector legal has limited powers and protocol as compared the inspector operation and inspector investigation, but within the department their opinion is considered very important. They receive all the perk and benefits of BPS 16. They are considered gazzetted officers. They get scholarships for kids, marriage grant for daughters, pension, house rent, plot or house by Punjab Government Servants Housing Foundation or PGSHF, gratuity, TA/DA and special allowances for police department. After retirement they can start their legal practice as advocate again. You may view video too on this page about the inspector legal post on this page of



Points To Be Remember

Inspector legal may be posted in any district of the concerned province. They are given grade 16 in the service at initial stage and later they may get promoted to 20th grade. Inspector legal wear the uniform of inspector police with 3 stars on both shoulders. They do not appear in courts of law rather they just give legal opinion to department on different issues. Inspector legal have entirely different role and duties than public prosecutors. They are recruited after a tough competition through public service commission exam. Minorities and women have reserved seats for them. Selected candidates will not be allowed to change their cadre or branch in any case. You need to stay updated about new decisions of courts and amendments in criminal laws to be successful in your profession.



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Final Words

We hope that this post has clarified the role of a Legal Inspector in Police and the powers & duties they enjoy. The inspector legal play a critical role in ensuring public safety & upholding the law & this position is really critical to the functioning of any police force.



If you are thinking of a career in law enforcement & would like to know more about the role of a inspector legal, please do not hesitate to contact our team of professional guides. We are here to answer any questions you may have & provide further information.Thank you for reading this post of!


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