Top 20 Tips For Clearing Civil Judge Exam in Pakistan in 2024

How to Join Lower Judiciary Services in Pakistan as Civil Judge or Magistrate? Tips

To clear the test for this civil judge examination, we have some great tips for you. It is not easy to pass this exam. But we can guide you. These tips are for the students who wants to appear in the additional session judge test, civil judge or magistrate exam test.


Top Twenty Golden Tips For Becoming Magistrate or Civil Judge

1-This test is always taken in English. So make sure that your LBB degree should also be passed in this medium. It will be easy for you to pass this test then!


2-After completing your LLB studies, you have to actively and keenly take part in the legal practices. This will make your preparation stages all stronger.


3-To appear in such kind of tests, you have to go for further studies. If you have done LLM or you have passed the degree of MSC in criminology, then passing this exam will become easy for you.


4-It will be great if you apply and appear in the competitive exams like PMS, CSS.


5-It is in between your preparation stage that you should also give tests and exams for the posts of legal inspector and too legal prosecutor.


Top 20 Tips For Clearing Civil Judge Exam in Pakistan in 2019


Top 20 Tips For Clearing Civil Judge Exam in Pakistan in 2024


6-If you get fail in the test of magistrate or civil, then after five years do give an attempt while appearing in the exam of additional session judge.


7-You should study on your own, do not join any academy.


8-During your preparation, you should not get involved in the proceedings of lawyer politics and only focus on your test preparation.


9-Read as much legal sections as you can and try to make notes during your exam preparation.


10-You can get guidance from other lawyers who have passed similar kind of tests.


11-Instead of spending time in the bar room, you should try to invest your time in a bar library.


12-You need to observe and look at the arguments which are put forward by the senior lawyers. This will give you quick learning strategies during your exam test preparation time.


13-You have to read maximum number of law related books and monthly law journals.


14-You can share your knowledge with your other fellows, this will give you confidence and you will more strongly prepare for these tests.


15-The candidate should be attending the lectures which are organized by the bar council, they are very important for your exam preparation so do attend them.


16-You can be writing articles on any of the legal issues. In this way, you will know the status and correct position of your examination test preparation phase. This writing will improve and strengthen your written test part.


17-You have to improve your general knowledge on current affairs, every day science, Pak affairs, IT, Math, Islam, Urdu, English etc.


18-While preparing for these varied tests, you have to read and go through all available case laws with much devotion.


19-You have to improve and power up your confidence level.


20-You have to do lot of hard work in legal practice too for having first hand knowledge about procedural laws for clearing this test.
So set yourself and prepare for these law tests in a harder way. Stay connected with us for more tips.


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