How To Make Money By Selling on in 2024? Tips

How To Earn Money By Selling on Daraz in 2024?  Make Money Online Tips
If you have used this platform for buying of different products. Then you must have also heard that you can make money by selling on this platform. Here we have tips for you. This online store, it is so far the largest online store which is present in Pakistan. This giant online store also gives you the opportunity to earn money. It is by selling products that you can make money. Then you can do affiliate marketing or you can choose the Daraz Dost program of this platform.


How To Make Money By Selling on in 2024? Tips

Earn Money

Earning Money by Selling The Products

This platform is great to be used, you does not have to pay any of the fees to list down or register yourself. Every single day, thousands number of visitors visit this site. You can make your account on this platform, register yourself properly and list down the products which you are going to sell. This site will take just certain profit from your income.



You have to mention and list down your business and product credentials properly. By listing down the products and officially uploading them on the site, you will start to get orders. When any customer will place the order, then site will verify it and track it, ship it to the desired customer on time. Your job is to make and prepare the order, the rest of the shipment handling task will be managed by Daraz team.



You can join their portal which is Daraz university, here you will get the training that how you can better streamline your selling operations. It is through video tutorials that you will be given free of cost training.



Using Daraz Dost to Earn Money

You have to log in yourself so that you can use this portal. You can earn about Rs 50000 from this portal.


Your job will be to educate the customers that how this online store is best for them. You have to bring on new customers. Getting a new customer, a bonus cash amount will be added into your account.



Earning Money by Using Affiliate Program

You can do affiliate marketing on this platform. Many of the individuals have used this affiliate program while linking themselves with this online store and they are earning great on every single month.

For more technical information, you can check out from the team of Daraz that how this affiliate program is run by them.



Final Words

This is how this online store gives you a great opportunity to earn while sitting from home. What are you thinking then? Use this platform and online store as your money making path. If you have more questions, ask from us. Let us know whether any of the readers have used this site to earn money, if yes, then you can share and write down your experience over here. Keep connected and more easy tips on using this platform for the purpose of earning will be shared with the readers and viewers.



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