How To Write a Research Paper, Thesis or Dissertation? Super Tips

Learn The Art of Writing Thesis/Research Paper/Dissertation
If you are going to write a research paper, thesis or dissertation and need some help then you have now reached on your final destination, as we shall guide you step by step in this regard in this article. At post graduate study level where research is involved, writing a thesis/research paper/dissertation is the ultimate exam for the student. Every student of M.Phil and PhD is given a certain topic for writing a thesis/research paper/dissertation. It is a hard task to collect relative information and fact and figures for a thesis, research paper or dissertation. You can collect information for your research paper or thesis from two main sources.

How To Write a Research Paper, Thesis or Dissertation? Super Tips
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How To Write a Research Paper, Thesis or Dissertation? Super Tips

The primary source includes first hand information collected through direct interviews, personal observations and study of original documents. The secondary source includes old reports,comments and papers written by other scholars. Some students get secondary information from the research papers of earlier students and with minor changes include it in their thesis. This tendency may seem easy,but it is not the right thing to do.

You should give more focus on collecting of primary information. Your supervisor will guide you on how to proceed in this direction. Don’t forget to get letter of introduction while visiting the institutions or before going for interviewing any body. When it is necessary to interview many people first prepare sample questionnaires and response sheets. You can also use digital or simple recorder for the purpose.

For secondary information visit the libraries regularly. You need to spend long periods in the different libraries. Start your search from reference section.Consult different concerned encyclopedias and reference books. One book will leads you to another.Take notes while reading books.

All the references you collect may not be useful. You should sort out the relative references carefully. When you make the final selection,you will have to write your final bibliography.

After collecting the primary and secondary information,you will plan an outline for your thesis. You can see different samples on Internet and libraries. Plan it the way you feel you can project your ideas best.

Now you are ready to write your thesis. Follow the following structure for writing a thesis/research paper/dissertation;
Table of Contents
List of Figures
List of Tables

It is not necessary that your findings or research must be according to the other scholars. The real purpose is to project your interpretation of the subject based on your primary information, understanding and the views of earlier scholars. The thesis must discuss various aspects of the subject and convey your complete understanding of it. You should justify your case studies in a convincing manner.

Compare your conclusion with other and prove that why yours is the best. When you quote other scholars, do give full credit to them through foot notes. Write the full name of scholar and also the name of the book or journal in the footnotes. Use simple but impressive language. Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes. Write the thesis in active voice. Don’t use the same words too often. Try to engage the reader till the end. All the figures must be latest and correct. Type the thesis on neat and quality paper. At the end after your concluding observations,include the bibliography.

Your primary aim should be to add your contribution in the existing available knowledge about the topic of your research. Always write the thesis/research paper/dissertation when you are in fresh mood. Never hesitate in sharing your own theory or theories, but on logical grounds. Visit and its facebook page daily for guidance about writing thesis/research paper/dissertation. Our team will guide you individually.


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