All About CSS Exams In Pakistan

If you want to know all about CSS exams in Pakistan, then you have finally reached at the right destination. If you have been heading on with the plan to give out the upcoming CSS examinations, then this article will stand as much informative for you for sure! CSS stands for Central Superior Services. It is basically known as the medium of the elite permanent bureaucratic authority and also the civil service. It is carried out as in order to perform the functions ranging within the civilian bureaucratic operations and government secretariats and directorates of the Cabinet secretariat. This department is all run and supervised by the powerful Pakistani Federal Government Departments.

All About CSS Exams In Pakistan


List of Occupational Groups of CSS in Pakistan:

Below is the list of occupational groups of CSS in Pakistan:
Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service
Police Service of Pakistan (PSP)
District Management Group (DMG)
Income Tax Group (ITG)
Customs and Excise Group (CEG)
Foreign Service of Pakistan (FSP)
Postal Group (PG)
Commerce & Trade Group (CTG)
Railways Group (RG)
Information Group (IG)
Military Lands and cantonment Group (MLCG)
Officer Management Group (OMG)



Eligibility Criteria For CSS Examinations in Pakistan:

If you want to make an appearance in the CSS examinations, then you should be taking into account almost 14 years of Formal education that should be all recognized by the HEC is required. Some of the applicants do consider the fact that 16 years education is important to be the part of CSS but that’s not true at all. You must possess at least 14 years education in order to be eligible. Applicant can hold on with any Bachelors Degree such as B.A, B.Com, BBA, B.Sc, or the LLB or even the MBBS as from one of the Pakistani Universities or an equivalent degree or comparable educational qualifications of a foreign University recognized by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.




What is Age Limit Requirement for CSS Examinations in Pakistan?

As in accordance with the latest rules of CE-2017 the age limit for CSS Examination is 21 to 30 years. Upper age limit for CE-2018 can be as same as 30 years.



Extra Information About CSS Examinations:

Fee for the appearance in the written examinatons is about Rs.2200/- that is to be deposited in the form of Bank Challan at the time of Registration.
It would take the time span of about 6-7 mkonths for the declaration of results of CSS written exam.
Hence the percentage of Regional/Provincial quota for the sake of the seats/posts filled up by CSS Exam is categorized as merit is 7.5%, Punjab is 50%, Sindh is 19% (Sindh(U) is 7.6%, Sindh(R) is 11.4%), Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa is 11.5%, Balochistan is 6%, GB/FATA is 4% and AJK is 2%.
There is a 10% quota has been all reserved for women from the share of Provinces/Regions except by the side of the Merit quota .
5% quota has beena ll reserved for Minorities (Non-Muslims) from the share of Provinces/Regions except by the side of Merit Quota.
This was all about CSS Examinations in Pakistan! Stop wasting time and don’t miss this golden opportunity as the registration process is still being carried out!